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From Russia with Love - Global Fashion Street

Sergey Zagraevsky fruits

Meet Prof Sergey Zagraevsky, a multi faceted artist who has created a niche in the world of Russian Art with his unique style of paintings that brings about the vibrancy with bright colours and larger than life visuals. Zagraevsky has had the privilege of coming from a family which instilled the roots of culture in his life right from the beginning. Born to an architectural historian father and a poet and dramatist mother, he was also very fortunate to have had well-known Russian painter Tatiana Mavrina, as his first teacher.

Zagraevsky himself is a teacher and has also authored many books on architecture, philosophy and theology. One of his fortes is also writing stories for children. Global Fashion Street brings you an insight into the mind of this genius who plays a pivotal role in the Russian Art Society.

From Russia with Love - Global Fashion Street

Russian artist Sergey Zagraevsky

Your First Art teacher is a famous Painter, how was it learning from her? What advantages you feel that gave you?
Tatyana Mavrina was not only a great artist but also an extraordinary person, and her influence was very versatile. She did not only “form my hand” and influence the formation of my artistic style, but also largely determined my fate. Thanks to her I knew since childhood that I must become a well-known artist with an individual style, and it has always been my main goal, although simultaneously I pursued science and literature, and at one time (in the 1990s) even business.

What was your perception of Art during your growing up years and how far has that changed?
Of course, it cannot be called absolutely stable, but it has changed very little. You can just look at my 20 – 30 years old pictures: they are little different from what I create now. And my perception of art history has changed a little, too: artistic taste was formed in childhood.

From Russia with Love - Global Fashion Street

Sergey Zagraevsky Germany

You have seen the transition of the USSR to the present Russia, how far this paradigm shift has influenced your art?
In this sense, my artistic fate follows the fate of Raoul Dufy, who wrote his bright and joyful works in the midst of both world wars, and was even criticized for the fact that he did not respond to “social needs”.

You are also a Teacher and a Writer, what are your views about making others understand the value of art and culture?
It’s my duty to give people not only creativity but also knowledge. I do believe that artists, as all other people, should do everything possible to make the world better.

From Russia with Love - Global Fashion Street

Sergey Zagraevsky small Russian town on volga_river

Your Art has a unique style, a colourful childish play with brightness, do you feel you would want to experiment with any other style?
If I had wanted to – I would have made some experiments. But I don’t want. My creative style is so fused with my life that to change it means to change my soul.

You are a multi talented person, is there something you feel you still have not explored?
Thank you for appreciating my talent. Of course, I did not try very many things and now see that shall never try. For example, I always dreamed to fly into space, dreamed to make a single trip around the world in a boat, dreamed to climb Everest, or better some new, unexplored peak…

From Russia with Love - Global Fashion Street

(L) Sergey Zagraevky Italia (R) Sergey Zagraevsky Autumn

How do you correlate writing with painting?
It is impossible to paint all time, and impossible to sit at the computer and write books all time. It is necessary to change occupations. So literature for me is a break from painting, painting – from literature, and all this together – from science.

You also write Children’s stories; could we ask for your favourite story?
This is the most difficult question – which of my works I like best. Perhaps I won’t be able to answer it. Let the readers answer.

Is there a dream painting that you still haven’t done?
Every nuclear power plant has huge gray cooling pipes. For many years I dream to make a painting on such pipe. Imagine this giant canvas, and imagine how my painting could liven up a dull industrial landscape. I even proposed such a project in Germany, but unfortunately it did not meet understanding and response.

Would you like to give out a message to children and art enthusiasts all over the world?
Try to treat your art occupation as a duty to God, humanity, your country or posterity. This is good because if we have to suffer and endure hardships, it is better to do it at least with the sense of duty.

From Russia with Love

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