Five Fun Ways to Make Your Holi More Colorful

Holi Is All About Colors but Who Says You Cannot Add Your Twist!

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Festivity is in the air. The mood is light, fun and colorful as people wait for Holi. To celebrate this festival in the same old style can be a little boring. So, we bring you these five fun ways to celebrate Holi and make it More Colorful this year.

1. Virtual Holi Party

The pandemic is almost over, but the after effects are still there. Many people are still not at home or will not be able to meet their relatives because of this. So, what is the best way to get over this holiday blue? Virtual Holi Party! The idea does sound strange, but the pandemic has made us very comfortable with everything ‘virtual’ these days.

From online dance party to jam sessions, the ways to make your virtual Holi exciting is endless. You can invite your friends, play games such as virtual bingo, organize an award show (because who doesn’t love this?), online photo booth and so much more! To get the party going you can add some fun drinking game like drinking every time you hear a Holi related song or word. The convenience of virtual Holi party also means no cleaning up after. So, what more can you even ask?

2. Wine and Painting

Wine and Painting

Holi is all about colors, but who says that it cannot include some painting and art? After all painting also includes color. So, a more sophisticated Holi party would be to set out your canvases, invite some friends over and get painting. Additionally, to spice up the party you can set a platter of cheese and wine to go along with it. A great rendition would be fluid painting. All you need is loads of colors a canvas and a wild imagination. From splashing colors in abstract manner to careful designs, fluid painting is a great stress buster that is sure to make your Holi party unique.

3. A Pot Party

Celebrating Holi or any Indian festival without food is just unthinkable! But, making these Indian dishes do require a lot of efforts and skills. So, the best way to ensure that you get to enjoy the festival while eating all the special dishes is to have a pot party! Give each friend an item to make for the party and you are all set for a gastronomical delight. Here are a few dishes that you need to have for Holi celebrations-

1. Thandai

Five Fun Ways to Make Your Holi More Colorful

Is it really Holi without some chilled Thandai? Thandai is a rich milk-based drink filled with the goodness of dry fruits. An easy way to make this is to get a thandai bottle or premix from any grocery store and mix it with cold milk and dry fruits and Voila!

2. Sweets

Five Fun Ways to Make Your Holi More Colorful

Yes, you need them at every party ever! Making traditional Holi sweets like Gujia, maplua, ladoos can be a little taxing. So, what is the alternative? Fusion sweets. From Rose Pistachio Coconut Balls to Thandai Mousse, there are so many innovations that you can make. An easy innovation would be Gulab Jamun Custard Trifle. All you need is store bought Gulab Jamun that you layer with custard and top it with crushed dry fruits and serve!

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4. A Flowery Holi

If you are living anywhere other in India, getting colors might not be an easy or the best idea. A great alternative to this is the use of flowers. Essentially flowers and natural products are also used to make herbal colors. Ideally, the best selection for you Flowery Holi would be marigolds, rose petals, marvel-of-peru and any other bright flowers.

A Flowery Holi

Just remember to avoid black and white. Celebrating Holi with flowers is a tradition that is also followed in the temple of Krishna in Vrindavan. This attracts devotees from all over the world and is a major tourist attraction. The use of flowers is also eco friendly as it save a lot of water and is harmless.

5. Rain Dance and Music

Yes, this is a cliched way of celebrating Holi yet one of the fun ways to celebrate holi. But, it doesn’t get better than this. If you are not one to enjoy colors, this is a perfect Holi party for you. All you need to do is set up a shower system and soundbox for the music. It doesn’t get better than good music and dance in the rain.

La Tomatina

If you are really looking to add a special yet crazy twist, why not do it the La Tomatina style. All you need for this messy fun is a bunch of tomatoes that you can squish and good aim. This unusual way to celebrate Holi is surely going to raise some eyebrows, but where is the fun in being simple and boring?

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So, Here Is Wishing You A Very Happy Holi.
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