Tips to Make Your Work Desk More Aesthetic and Livelier

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Looks like the Work-from-Home culture is here to stay despite the pandemic having plateaued. Our work desk is the sanctity sanctorum where we spend majority of our days. Considering this, it is important to ensure that it also a place where we feel comfortable and homely. So, here are some tips to make your work desk more aesthetic and livelier. Be it your work desk at home or your office, it is time to ramp it up in style.

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Make Your Work Desk More Livelier – Go Green!

Green is in! A great way to accessorize your work desk is to add a plant to the ensemble. Indoor plants such as snake plant, peace lily, cactus, money plant and lucky bamboo are a good choice. Not only are these plants low maintenance, they really accentuate the look of your desk. According to NASA, Peace Lily and Snake plant are also air purifiers.

Tips to Make Your Work Desk More Aesthetic and Livelier

Psychologically speaking, it has also been found that plants help lower stress. The colour green also induces calmness and peace. Looking at a little greenery during the long hours of work can actually be a mental break.

Bonus Tip- Complete the look with cute ceramic or jute planters to give it the extra oomph!

Get a Mood Board

Tips to Make Your Work Desk More Aesthetic and Livelier

This requires a foam board or thermocol sheet that can be pinned to the wall. Then cover it with your desired cloth or coloured paper. And now, all you have to do is pin whatever you want. Mood boards add sophistication to your desk. Additionally, they also help in motivating you as you are looking at things that inspire you. And as the name suggests, you can change the style and modify the board according to your mood.

Bonus Tip- If you want to add an element of brightness to your mood board- decorate it with fairy lights!

Go Plastic Free

Go Plastic Free

Our work desk is also a reflection of who we are and our values. By getting rid of unnecessary plastic from your desk, you also give back to the environment. Use glass or brass tumblers as water bottles. You can also use ceramic cups for coffee instead of plastic mugs. With a variety of options replacing plastic, it is a great way to live sustainably.

Bonus Tip- Brass tumblers are a conscious as well as healthy alternative. Ayurvedic science says that the use of brass helps increases metabolism and collagen levels in our body.

Support local and small businesses

Tips to Make Your Work Desk More Aesthetic and Livelier

A lot of small business specialise in making stationery, pen stands, handmade notebooks, journals and so much more! Using such products for your work desk will not only add glamour to your desk, but also support these businesses. A lot of NGOs that support marginalised women are active sellers of these products. A quick canvassing on Instagram will help you get the perfect fit for your desk. Cane baskets, recycled cloth, upcycled containers are all sustainable options that elevate the overall aesthetic of your workplace.

Bonus Tip- If you are someone who loves to experiment, then go for a DIY project. You can make your own pen stand using old pens, handmade paper and so much more! You just need to be willing to be creative and make the best out of trash.

Marie Kondo it!

Marie Kondo

We all love to work on an uncluttered desk. A well organised desk is the best feeling ever. This means no papers lying around and minimal stuff that are rightly placed. The space we live in are an extension of what goes on in our minds. A cluttered desk represents the mess in our heads as well. Hence, it is essential to make sure that your work desk is clean, organised and balanced. Cleaning also plays a psychological role as it helps us become more focused and think clearer.

Bonus Tip- Pick a Marie Kondo book or watch her videos. She has some great tips that can be flowed to have an organised work desk and life!

Remember the ergonomics of workplace

Remember the ergonomics of workplace

Productivity is of essence in any work. No matter what kind of work we do, it is important that it has a positive contribution. To be more productive, be mindful of the ergonomics of the workplace. This can be done by ensuring that your laptop is placed at the correct level. Also, by ensuring a comfortable chair that supports your lower back and is upright. Reducing excessive pressure, having more natural postures, placing things at a proper height are all ways to ensure your well- being. These little changes also help in the long run by increasing your overall performance.

Bonus Tip- You can make your chair chicer and comfortable by adding a sequined cushion.

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