How to Meditate simple and easy technique

What the world really needs: mindfulness meditation and everything in between – May be an extra layer of energy protection.

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There is a lot of anxiety, restlessness and false information covering/revolving around the coronavirus.

The most important thing that we can do nowadays is to stay calm, have positive lookout for yourself and other people, not panic and vigorously follow the precautions as highlighted by WHO and other credible sources.

How to Meditate simple and easy technique - Global Fashion Street

Coronavirus like many other viruses follows the similar structure but varies greatly in it’s mode of transmissions, its virulence and immunity to drugs resulting in global spread and deaths

So basically, along with precautions if your immune system is strong your body will be more prepared to handle the virus.

Let’s first highlight some very basic steps we can take to care about ourselves

1. Keep your throat moist and avoid keeping it dry for long durations so keep drinking water and other liquids, preferably warm. Green tea is most favorable as it also soothes the throat.

2. The second advice would be to keep the body, or the lungs oxygenated. One of the most simple, easy and effective way to do so is through meditation or pranayama. Deep breathing oxygenates the body and improves our immunity and defense system against various diseases. Further, if you have the option to go out in then you can go out take deep breaths, maybe sitting under the tree or in other open areas while practicing social distancing.

3. In addition to this we also need to focus on our energy levels. Energy is all around us and can significantly help in improving our immunity and outlook towards life.

4. Stay positive and happy. Happiness is the biggest magnet of energy so stay happy. Look at the positive aspects even if everything feels uncertain. Don’t stress out about random things, don’t feel restless, anxious and attract more uncertainty and negatively towards yourself. The more you fear something the more you attract it towards yourself.

Focus on the positive gainers such as love, compassion, hope, faith etc. which like energy bars stimulate your soul towards positivity, good energy and increase the flow of positivity and healing energy throughout your body.

So, these are basically some tips which will enhance not only our energy levels but also act as a shield against negative energies and help in creating positive aura around ourselves and our loved ones.

How to Meditate simple and easy technique - Global Fashion Street

In addition to this there is also a Energy protection meditation that I would like to share with you.

This meditation creates and enhances a healing energy aura around you to protect yourself/ for your protection.

Don’t worry if you are new to meditation or haven’t done anything like this. It’s a easy to do technique and will guide you throughout the way.

1. All you need to do is start with sitting in a relaxed manner and comfortable position. Cross sitting/ Indian style sitting is preferred with straight spine, both hands placed on your knees with palms facing upwards. Start with eyes open, focusing on your breath, taking deep breaths and slowly closing the eyes.

2. Focus as you breath in as the air flows into your lungs, feel the expansion, lungs filling with air. Breath out and feel the air rushing out. Feel yourself connected/connecting to the divine energy.

How to Meditate simple and easy technique - Global Fashion Street

3. Now visualize/imagine a stream of divine light coming from above flowing directly into your head, entering into your body through your crown, the top of your head.

4. Imagine it flowing down through your entire body, filling you up with its divine light.

5. Imagine your body as an empty vessel ready to be filled by this divine light or energy. Let the light fill you up completely with no corner left.

6. Now feel the light radiating through your skin making it glow from within, your whole being alight/infused with this light. Visualize and feel the glow within your soul and your skin. Take time to immerse yourself in this feeling.

7. Once you feel connected with the light inside and on your skin then start imagining a beautiful Golden color pyramid forming around you. The golden walls can be as thick or thin as you want.

8. Imagine it as a shield around you, which is there to protect you. Imagine yourself encased in this Golden pyramid feel protected and secure, protected from any negative energies and feelings.

How to Meditate simple and easy technique - Global Fashion Street

Dev Om during one of his session

9. Now imagine any color, filling up in the pyramid. If the color wants to change then let it, don’t fight it. Imagine yourself breathing the same color in and out through your body.

10. Just to recap you’re glowing with divine light from within, encased in a beautiful Golden pyramid filled with your color of your choice feeling protected and secure. Sit still and meditate for five minutes or more on this secure/protected feeling/ image.

Whenever you feel like coming out of this soft focus, start with the small movements of your toes and your fingers. Feel the focus shift towards the movement of your fingers and toes. Rub your hands together and bring them upwards to cover your eyes and face, move them along your body, transferring the energy gathered in between your hands to your body.

Feel the trust and faith in the energy protection. It gives you an extra layer of energy protection and empowers your Aura. Feel the positivity, gratitude, hopefulness, faith and feel alive. You’re free to do it as many times as you wish.

Whenever you feel your mind deviating towards negative emotions, feel this pyramid repelling the negative emotions and the feelings, infusing you with positive emotions.

Please share this technique with your friends, families. Start connecting with yourself and people around you with meditation. In this time of despair, restlessness and uncertainty it becomes even more important to feel compassion. Meditation is one of the most simple and effective ways of doing of spreading this compassion. So, let’s get together to meditate and spread the power of meditation and calm the mind.

Love and light

Dev OM

Author, Mindfulness & Spiritual Coach

+91 9971608310,

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