Love Story Watercolours

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Love Story Watercolours - Global Fashion Street

(L) The glowing bunch (R) Your favorite book and a cup of coffee

Meet Megha Kapoor, the new age water colour artist who recreates magic with her brush. Her strokes are impressively tender, feminine and gentle yet with the strength of a master artist. In love with water colours, Megha is exuberant when it comes to talking about her fatal attraction to the world of colours, flowers and sunlight! Catch her unplugged…

Love Story Watercolours - Global Fashion Street

Artist Megha Kapoor

I love the spontaneity and the flow of watercolours. In fact they are the most spontaneous of all mediums. The splashes and the flow of water, the transparency is what attracts me more towards this medium. Being a woman, I used to get less time to paint but now whenever I am free I just pick my watercolour palette and start working. With watercolours you can be fast and can paint almost daily.

Love Story Watercolours - Global Fashion Street

(L) Blossoming coffee (R) Happy bunch

The world of colours for me is my food. I can live without food but I cannot live without painting without my carmine…my sap green…

Love Story Watercolours - Global Fashion Street

(L) Divine (R) The earthy bunch sold

As an artist the biggest challenge is to satisfy that urge in you which doesn’t let you sleep when you had a bad painting day.

From last three years I am studying flowers, for me, they are a huge source of inspiration. They show us how to smile every time and they will be forever fresh in my paintings.

Love Story Watercolours - Global Fashion Street

(L) Blossoming coffee

The best part about water colours is that they are spontaneous and they flow.

The worst thing about water colours is that one bad stroke spoils your whole painting.

Love Story Watercolours - Global Fashion Street


When it comes to teaching, I am at my best. I try to give the best to my students, demonstrate often for them and want them to reach heights.

My journey to the world of colours started with my studies in Applied Arts (Commercial Art) from Jamia Millia University and there I met Professor Zargar Zahoor, who was a huge source of inspiration for me.

Love Story Watercolours - Global Fashion Street

We used to spend hours at his studio watching him paint but since I was doing commercial art, I used to paint less but later my husband, Amit Kapoor, who is also an International Artist and a watercolourist, introduced me to the world of watercolours and thereafter I never stopped.

My driving force in life is that I am never actually satisfied with my works and I know I still have to paint my best and I want to see what it will be!

Love Story Watercolours - Global Fashion Street

(L) Megha Kapoor Rythm at the backyard 18X13 inches India (R) Megha bright sunny morning

Megha has participated in International shows in Greece, Turkey, Italy, Albania, Slovenia, Korea and Pakistan. Her list of awards include, Young International Artist Award in IWS IRAN 2016, an online contest, first place in floral (non- Realistic) category in American Art awards 2014 and a consolation Award in the IWS Pakistan International Watercolor contest 2016 amongst others over the years.

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