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Picture: Global Fashion Street / Akshit Arora/ Nov.2015

The show ‘Ray of hope’ – ​R​ight to ​E​ducation was organized by Kala Care group at the American Centre​.

Nobel laureate​,​Kailash Satyarthi​,​along with the ​renowned flimmaker​,​Nila Madhab Panda​,​and ​D​eputy ​C​hief of ​M​ission​,​Michael Pelletier inaugrated the art exhibit. The exhibition’s theme was to create a better world in terms of education. Kailash Satyarthi suggested the concept of lantern as he has one of his childhood memories connected to a lantern and with this concept he related the light, the hope and the possibilities.

He started his fight for child labour and ​R​ight to ​E​ducation with a lantern in his hand. He advised to make this lantern a symbol of hope worldwide as a creative expression. The initialization of this journey started years back when Satyarthi saw a kid polishing shoes right in front of a school. He went to that kid and asked about his condition but he did not get the proper answer. So​,​

he went to the boy’s father and asked him why is he not sending his child to school. And the answer he got changed the way he saw the world. The answer was “We are not made to go to ​a s​chool, we are made to work.”

Just after that scenario Satyarthi started working on educating children. There were many popular artist​s​ who took part in this ​exhibition. One of them was Sangeeta Kumar Murthy who displayed her beautiful collection of work which gives us an idea of what human life is in the modern world which she represented as turtle. The other corner of attraction was the sculptures made by Kushal Bhansali. These sculptures creates the sense of human life as he recreated a human body with an animal face. At ​the end of the show​, the​Nobel Laureate ​also took​ a​ selfie with the school children as they all were excited to indulge into the scenario.

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