Timothy Oulton comes to Town

British Interiors brand opens showroom in New Delhi

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Two floors at Tarun Vadehra Gallery in Defence Colony just got a very chic and plush British touch, and the best part is, it’s up for you to grab. Timothy Oulton gallery is an explosion for the senses, showcasing the brand’s signature relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic sense in a space packed with drama, intrigue and quirky vintage curios.

Timothy Oulton comes to Town - Global Fashion Street

Metro Living7 Tufted Tribeca

The designer has created an assortment of concepts that flatter the eye offering a style statement for everyone. The collections showcase concepts in Metro, Age of Elegance, Adventurer, Coastal Drift, Beat Generation and Loft, as its categories.

Tim unearthed his hidden love for antiques when he worked for his father’s Antique business, after finishing school. A choice he hadn’t planned for his career move, Tim realised was the answer to creative instincts. Discovering antiques and being intrigued by the mysticism that comes with each piece, he treaded on to the path, to explore the world of design. Bringing you excerpts from an exclusive communiqué with the designer himself!

Timothy Oulton comes to Town - Global Fashion Street

Timothy Oulton Store Launch Party

What were the key points that you focused on to plan your foray into the Indian market?
We’ve always said we wanted to be in 50 of the world’s best gateway cities, so of course Delhi was always in our mind. We knew we wanted to open in India this year but it was a case of finding the right partner – then I met Amit Vadehra at a trade show in Paris, so it grew pretty quickly from there.

Are collections showcased in India a part of the latest collection or especially designed for the Indian clientele?
People can expect to see some of our latest collections alongside a selection of our classics. People in New Delhi have access to the same collections that we offer in New York, London and all our other global stores. One of our most iconic pieces in the New Delhi store is the Saddle chair, it really embodies that freedom and power of equestrian pursuit, it’s crafted from a sleek fibreglass frame clad in rich leather, and we’ve even added stirrups either side.

Timothy Oulton comes to Town - Global Fashion Street

British Designer, Timothy Oulton

What was the kind of homework drill you had to go through?
Well, we have a great partnership with Tarun Vadehra, who has a very solid presence here already, so we’re excited to be working with them. They’re a great fit for us – we’re both family businesses with a shared passion for creating unique, handcrafted furniture. Tarun Vadehra isn’t afraid to push the envelope when it comes to design, we’re driven by that same quest for innovation.

Why do you think your designs will resonate with people in Delhi?
Our designs are very unique, we don’t follow trends, we make things we love and hope our customers will love them too – and part of the reason people like us is the very fact our designs aren’t for everyone, they’re daring and audacious but they’re also timeless. Yes, our designs have a strong British heritage but they’re at the same time modern and have a global appeal. There’s character and soul to what we do, and I think this resonates with a certain type of person whether they’re in India or LA

Timothy Oulton comes to Town - Global Fashion Street

The fact that India is full of antiques…
My Dad introduced me to the world of antiques and designs, and I grew up surrounded by them.  I’ve been in the antiques business since I left boarding school. While antiques are beautiful, they don’t really work as functional pieces in today’s homes. In our collections, I wanted to honour that same handcraftsmanship and authenticity but make useful, relevant pieces that would work for modern lifestyles.

How easy is the furniture to maintain in the Indian climate?
The pieces we make are built to last a lifetime, not just a season. We choose materials that grow more beautiful as they age, and are easy to live with.

Timothy Oulton comes to Town - Global Fashion Street

AoE Bastille Vignette

Indians are in love with colours…
We only use the best, most authentic materials, from our signature leathers in very rich tones to soft and sumptuous moleskins and velvets, and our vibrant vintage rugs collection. For us, different textures are really important, using contrasts of warm leathers against sleek metal or acrylic, it’s that juxtaposition which gives a room that visual depth, and makes it all the more interesting.

A major assignment has a deadline and the designer’s block hits you…
It’s not so much designer’s block but I do find designs often evolve – the idea you started out with can change shape, sometimes quite dramatically. We like to try things that other people have never done before, and we’re bold enough to do it. It doesn’t always work out exactly how you’d planned, but that’s ok too. 

Timothy Oulton comes to Town - Global Fashion Street

Any plans for other showrooms in India?
At this moment, we’re focussing on New Delhi, to make it a really, really great store. 

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