10 Latest Food Trends in Fashion to watch out for in 2021

Read on to know about foods that will rule the gourmet clan.

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Today, new is normal, so to help you keep up with what’s trending on the platter, we bring you these 10 latest food trends in fashion to watch out for in 2021

As we enter a new era longing for a post pandemic world, the food industry is at the helm of some major changes gradually trending around the globe. So what would be in fashion when it comes to the gourmet industry? Well, we have for you 10 Latest Food Trends in Fashion to watch out for in 2021.

New eating trends, platter choices and fresh take on ingredients will eventually reshape the entire gamut of the food industry in the days to come. From a consumer to a brand, food industry, worldwide, is at the helm of a change.
10 Latest Food Trends in Fashion to watch out for in 2021 - Global Fashion Street

10 Latest Food Trends in Fashion to watch out for in 2021

1. Know your Milk

That’s right. With the world going vegan in a major transition, the coffee shop giants have started offering more variants of milk like almond and soy, apart from the regular milk. The new fad in food fashion in the years to come will see variants like oat milk, coconut, rice and even hemp. So, get ready to witness a longer list of milk options in coming years.

2. A Hard-Tea Time

Yes, your tea with a twist! Coffee with liqueur is passé, make way for some hard tea now. Already on the rise, the ‘boozy kombucha’ is just one of the many new teas with alcohol. The hard tea industry is growing with every blend! You can find the delicate flavors of sweet teas like passion fruit, peach or Jasmine, spirited with liquor and some classic black teas blended with beer. In fact, even your green teas can be spiked with the right liqueur. Take your pick, keeping in mind your spirit or your flavor.
Make Way for Some Hard Tea Now - Global Fashion Street

3. Wine Goes Organic

It’s the call of the hour! Everything is going back to the basics and so is the wine. Already on the rise in demand, organic wines are the latest fashion. People who want to savor their wine without the thought of chemicals and pesticides on the crop, can now enjoy organic, biodynamically created wines.
Get Ready to Enjoy Organic, Biodynamically Created Wines - Global Fashion Street

4. Drop, Glitter, Drink, Repeat

The latest food fad is to glitter everything from wine to vodka, from mocktails to water, the millennials are creating trends by the minute. The idea is to jazz up your drink and share the slow mo of edible glitter unfurling in your drink and swirling with every sip.

5. Great Choices in Green Juices

Perhaps one of the few good things that have come out of the post pandemic era is, preference for healthy and fresh food. And topping the list are fresh juices that come with a promise of wholesome intake of nutrition with varieties in blended spinach, beetroot, carrot, lettuce, amaranth, berries and more. The year will see many food joints offering green fresh juices.
Great Choices in Green Juices - Global Fashion Street

6. Menu Options in Global Diets

With health at the primal, the food industry has come back to its basic necessity- health. So long, stay assured, menu options will come in diets and not regions. More cards will read Keto options, Gluten-free, vegan, organic, dairy-free, immunity boosters, hot platters etc. The new decade will see a rise is health conscious preference.

7. Lost Recipes Regained

Restaurants are either in a craze to create a new dish or in a hunt to discover lost recipes. The idea is to bring in freshness to the regular platter. And this brings in the flavors from all around the world. There are more cross cultural cuisines available now than there were in these last couple of years. So be ready to savor some flavors from southeast Asia fusion to remote European region recipes.

8. Super Spritzers and Crazy Cocktails

The lockdown pushed many creative heads in retrospect resulting in newer recipes and a fusion of the old ones. While canned cocktails will witness a rise, drinks will transition to a new age avatar of fresh, healthy, lower alcohol yet stronger tastes. Spritzers will be a big trend along with coffee based cocktails.
Super Spritzers and Crazy Cocktails - Global Fashion Street

Super Spritzers and Crazy Cocktails| pic Courtesy: Kiran Chopra

9. CBD is the new code

For the ignorant few, CBD is short for cannabidiol, an essential component of medical marijuana derived directly from hemp plant but doesn’t cause a high. This healthy cousin of marijuana, popularly called CBD is the newest trend in the food industry. From Coffee to gummy bears and soups to snacks, (not to mention alcoholic drinks, of course) CBD is earning fame in forms galore for those seeking to lower their stress and anxiety levels.
CBD is the New Code

10. Nashville Hot Chicken

What originated as revenge has today become a rage. Nashville hot chicken was the brainchild of Thornton Prince III of the Andre Prince Jeffries, owner of Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville. Today, it is topping charts at every food outlet. From KFC to local food joints, everyone is introducing a special Nashville hot chicken recipe to their choices.
Nashville Hot Chicken - Global Fashion Street

So, here’s hoping a year full of food happiness suggested in these 10 latest food trends in fashion to watch out for in 2021.

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