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When we talk about the splendor and significance of exquisite cutlery, wine glasses top it all with their magnificence and beauty. A glass of wine is something anyone would look forward to after a long day and therefore when it comes to wine or whiskey, glassware is as important as your love for the brew itself.

5 Tips to Clean Your Wine Glassware - Global Fashion Street

In this edition of Global Fashion Street we bring you some of the techniques and tips for the maintenance of this glassware.

Wine glasses are very delicate and fragile. Proper care needs to be taken while dealing with them. You cannot just throw them in the dishwasher and forget it. They demand special attention.

The cleaning techniques also vary depending on the type of wine the glass holds. The type of glasses used to hold red wine and white wine differ in shape and size. Red wines are generally considered bolder and tall glasses with larger bowls are used to hold them. Consequently, the cleaning techniques differ.

5 Tips to Clean Your Wine Glassware - Global Fashion Street

Here we bring you top five tips to clean your wine glassware –

1. RINSE IMMEDIATELY – One of the most common and major mistakes people make while dealing with wine glassware is postponing the cleaning. Yeah, it might be the last thing you want to do after a hot and happening party but it is not at all recommended to wash last night’s used glassware next morning. Immediately rinsing the glasses is the best tip when it comes to cleaning your wine glassware. Another important point to be noted here is that the water must not be too hot.

Very hot water can cause the glass to develop cracks or even break completely. Hence, always use lukewarm hot water to rinse the glasses. Moreover, the good news here is that sometimes this is all that you need to do. Rinsing the glasses is sufficient sometimes depending on the kind of drink served in the glass. Just in case, you are completely tired and not even in the slightest mood to do the cleaning, just fill the glasses with lukewarm water and keep them aside so that no stains are left on the glassware when you finally clean them the following morning.

5 Tips to Clean Your Wine Glassware - Global Fashion Street

2. USING SOAP – Whether to use the soap with your wine glassware or not is a debatable question. A school of belief popular among the wine lovers considers soap too harsh for the glassware. A proper rinsing and a light buffing with a soft sponge are all that you need to clean the glasses sometimes. However, it is not that soap has been totally prohibited. You can use mild, odorless dish soap. Not a lot of it though! A small drop will do the job just fine. The pH level of the soap, however, matters here.

Try using a low alkaline detergent if available. Using a mild dish detergent is also a good idea. Rinse thoroughly once you are done to avoid any soap residues on the glassware. Crystal absorbs odors and soap particles way more easily as compared to other stuff used for making crockery or utensils. So, until you want a soapy touch in your next wine serving, rinse the glasses with lukewarm hot water very well post using a soap or detergent.

5 Tips to Clean Your Wine Glassware - Global Fashion Street

3. HOLDING THEM RIGHT – The stem of the glass is fragile and prone to breakage. The glass can break very easily if you hold it by the stem. Hence, it is recommended that you do not hold it by the stem. Rather, cup your hands around the bottom of the bowl with fingers towards the side of the stem. The method works quite well with all types of wine glassware including regular, painted or glittered wine glasses.

4. AIR DRYING – Drying the glasses properly after washing them is equally important. Wine glasses are fragile. Proper care needs to be taken while handling them. Placing the wine glass upside down so that all the water drips down and the glass can get dried properly is a good idea. Placing a soft towel or rug under the glass while keeping it for drying is also a good practice. It protects the rim of the glass from coming into direct contact with the rough surface underneath.

It may be possible that the area you are living in supplies hard water. If washed with hard water, wine glasses have a tendency to develop hard water stains. Using a soft cloth to properly wipe the glass post washing is thus essential. Later on, you may keep it in the open so that moisture (if any left) is absorbed by the atmosphere. Using microfibers instead of any other cloth is a better approach.

– Overtime, if left unused or due to any other reason, wine glasses may turn cloudy or foggy. However, it is easy dealing with the cloudiness. A baking soda solution prepared with lukewarm water can do the job easily. Just pour the solution into the glass and let it stand for like five to ten minutes. Another way is to damp a soft cloth in the baking soda solution prepared and manually cleaning the glass. Either way, the fogginess is nothing serious. It can easily be removed and your glassware will be spick and span!

Some other general tips to make you a pro in handling the glassware:

If you have crystal glassware, never ever wash it in a dishwasher. The high temperature and the humidity inside can cause the glass to develop fogginess. Moreover, dishwashers can make the glasses absorb the detergent used leading to a permanent cloudiness on the surface of the glass. In the worst case, each serving will have a tinge of soap, thus, ruining the glassware forever.

Even then if you wish to use a dishwasher, set the cycles small and let the glassware dry completely after the process.

Never put your hand completely inside the glass while cleaning it. The glasses are delicate and such harsh behavior can cause breakage.

Doesn’t matter if you are a bartender or just an informal party host, these tips will come to your rescue every time. Hence, be extra cautious while dealing with your wine glasses.

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