5 Unique Dessert Recipes for Diwali

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The festival of Diwali is remarkable in its very essence. The excitement, auspiciousness, and festivity it brings are unmatched. From fashion to food- it encapsulates every aspect of our life, and we wish to make every year more memorable than the previous.

5 Unique Dessert Recipes for Diwali

This Diwali, we bring you a special edition of desserts from all over the world. Indian mithai (sweets) is an inseparable part of Diwali, but why don’t we mix it up this year and take inspiration from specialties from different countries to have a fun combination? At the heart of any new invention lies the ability to experiment and create something different. It is only when we venture outside what we usually do and eat, we can find wonders! So, this Diwali, let global desserts be your door to something amazing!

Let’s dive right into this irresistible dessert heaven!

Kunafa or Knafeh
Kunafa is a traditional dessert from the Middle East that dates back to the 10th or 15th Century. The name is inspired by the word “chnafah,” which means “bulbul color.” A very common sight in the Middle East, the bulbul bird is an exquisite bird whose orangeish color is what the dish tries to replicate. Hence, the name ‘Knafeh’ that slowly evolved into kunafa, kanafe or kunefe.

The pastry is made from cheese which is soaked in a sugar-based syrup. The authentic taste of Kunafa comes from its crispy topping and melting cheese filling. A generous amount of crushed pistachio forms the topping of this dessert. To elevate the taste, serve with ice cream!

Here is how you can make this Turkish delight-

Babka is a braided cake or bread originating from Jewish communities in Poland and Ukraine. Embedded in the daily lives of Jewish communities, Babka is a symbol of the Sabbath and Jewish holidays. Baked by housewives as preparation for festivals, it is usually filled with cinnamon, jam, or chocolate. The yeasty dough has a layered effect, and the oozing chocolate makes it a delectable treat. However, making Babka is not an easy task. It requires patience, skills, and a lot of love!

To make your Babka truly memorable, garnish it with a chocolate or hazelnut spread along with galzed nuts.

Rabri Cheesecake
Rabri is a classic Indian sweet that is made from milk that is simmered to perfection. This sweet, creamy, and rich dessert finds a special place in the heart of Indians. But adding a new twist to this beloved sweet resulst in a surprising and beloved dessert. As we love everything with a Western touch, the Rabri Cheesecake is no exception. The sweet and salty crust along with the dense rabri cheese melts in your mouth, giving it an exceptional taste.

For the Indian twist, top the cheesecake with soaked saffron almonds and pistachio.

A traditional dish from the lands of Greece, Turkey, and the Middle East- Kataifi is a cousin of the popular baklava. The magic of this pastry lies in the use of angel hair or shredded phyllo and goat butter. The shredded phyllo is deep fried and dipped in sweet cinnamon syrup that lends it a nutty and sweet flavor. Topped with rich pistachio, will only improve its taste.

Get cooking!

In the year 1900, the Queensland Country Life newspaper carried a recipe for a unique cake. And today, this cake is popularly known as Lamington- a delicacy from the ‘land down under.’ However, there does exist a debate if this famous desert originated from New Zealand or Australia. Some say that is was invented in New Zealand and originally called “Wellington”. Regardless, this iconic dessert can be found in the houses and bakeries all across the continent.

The yummy sponge cake is a combination of chocolate and coconut- whose combination gives rise to goodness that melts in your mouth.

Here is the recipe for the mouthwatering Lamington

Here is wishing you and your family a very Happy and Sweet Diwali!

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