Six Interesting Viral Food Trends of 2022 That Will Surprise You

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The internet is a mixed bag. It will sometimes give us absolute gems, and sometimes…just weird things. In this Amazonian jungle, we have dug out some of the classiest (or maybe not) food trends that blew up in 2022. So, here are Six Interesting Viral Food Trends of 2022 That Will Surprise You.

Six Interesting Viral Food Trends of 2022 That Will Surprise You

Six Interesting Viral Food Trends of 2022 That Will Surprise You

1. Korean Style Maggi

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There is clearly no right or wrong recipe for Korean Style Maggie

Every food blogger, chef or layman now has a video up for this unique Maggi recipe. We all love a good old-fashioned Maggi, but have you ever thought of being this creative? Clearly, it is the love for this favorite snack and the recent obsession with everything Korean (Hint- the Gen Z K-Pop love) that this concoction was created.

How to make this?
It is a simple recipe where you mix the Maggi masala, oregano, chili flakes, freshly cut garlic and green chilies, soy sauce, schezwan sauce, tomoato ketchup and pour hot boiling oil over it. Mix this well and add boiled Maggi noodles to it. And voila! You have yourself a Korean styled Maggi!

Bonus- You can be creative here- mix in sauces, spices- anything you like according to your taste. There is clearly no right or wrong recipe here!

2. Vegan Meat

The eating habits of people are constantly evolving. In a world where we are uber conscious about the environment, eating non-vegetarian food has become a big no. A lot of people are now shifting to a vegan diet- which means no animal meat or produces that come from an animal, such as eggs or milk. This plant-based diet is a growing trend that has taken the millennial world by storm. Many cafes and restaurants now have a vegan menu and focus on this growing clientele.

Vegan Meat is the next big thing for health conscious people

Vegan meat or vegetarian meat sounds like an oxymoron, but it is quite the reality now. In fact Vegan meat is from plant produce such as lentils, soya or legumes thus making it purely vegetarian. The research is still on to achieve the texture and taste like actual meat. Starbucks recently collaborated with Imagine meats- a brand owned by Bollywood couple Genelia and Ritesh Deskhmukh for their vegan menu, which has become a hit!

3. Hyper-realistic Cake

If you browse through social media, you must have seen videos showing you some products asking you to identify ‘Cake or not?’. Yes, the recent obsession with hyper-realistic cakes is real! It is so popular and crazy that Netflix made an entire show on it called ‘Is it cake?’.

These cakes are nothing but a piece of art. People have made cakes of burgers, purses, and hands to everyday objects such as toilet paper! By the looks of it, you can never differentiate between the real thing and a cake. Here, have a look for yourself-

4. CBD Oil

Marijuana isn’t legal in most places, but that does not stop the internet from experimenting with it. Recipes using CBD are getting viral thanks to the places where it is legal and the curiosity of people where it is not. Hemp shops and the mainstream use of CBD oil have helped this trend even more. It is advisable that CBD oil be used only in consultation with a doctor.

CBD Oil is mostly used for baked items like Garlic Bread

CBD oil is primarily used for cooking baked items such as garlic bread, brownies, cakes, or cookies. As the oil is hassle-free and a small amount of it can also give the desired result, it needs no specific recipe.

How to use CBD oil?
Just add a spoon of your favorite superfood to whatever you are eating- your breakfast bowl with chia, bananas, cinnamon, or mushroom omelets! It goes best with everything. However, do remember to consume it in moderation.

5. Superfood Powders

Six Interesting Viral Food Trends of 2022 That Will Surprise You

In a way it makes eating greens really easy

As people are becoming more health conscious, the use of superfood powders is also growing. These powders are just superfoods that have been processed into powder form. Superfood powders go best in cookies, smoothies, yogurts, and beverages. The easy availability and powder form makes it a preferred choice for the fast-moving millennials.

Acai, spirulina, moringa leaves, and seaweeds are popular superfood powders. They provide a nutritional boost to our food- be it sweet or savory.

6. Potato Milk

Potato milk doesn’t sound like the milk you’d like to add to your breakfast, but apparently, it is all the rage. This non-dairy milk is not only environmentally friendly but also healthy! It is low in calories and rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, and many more minerals. Potato milk is already huge with vegans and can be the next big thing as people are now shifting to more plant-based products.

Six Interesting Viral Food Trends of 2022 That Will Surprise You

Potato Milk is low in calories and rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, and other minerals

How to make Potato milk?
Boil a peeled potato till tender. Then blend it with water, sweetener, and a pinch of salt. To add a nutty flavor, you can add soaked almonds as well.

So, have you tried any of these food trends or are willing to take the plunge? Let us know!

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