6 Drinks Best Enjoyed in this Season

Drinks to Enjoy When the Temperature Drops

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Chilly winter days are almost over! No more cozying up in the bed. And with this transition into spring, we bring you some interesting drinks, if you haven’t explored them already. Here 6 Drinks Best Enjoyed in this Season.

1. Persimmon Smoothie

6 Drinks Best Enjoyed in this Season

Theis orange fruit is a common sight in the markets during the winter. Traditionally from China, the fruit resembles ripened tomatoes. Persimmon is a winter fruit that is supposed to be consumed when ripe. Hence, having a persimmon smoothie is the best way to enjoy the heavenliness and yumminess of this fruit.

How to prepare the smoothie

All you need is fresh pulp of persimmon, milk and dry fruits on top of it. Grind them all together and it is ready to drink. To give your smoothie the extra kick you can add cinnamon powder as well.

It can also be consumed by adding chia seeds or basil seeds to increase the health benefits of the smoothie and make it all the better.

2. Hot Toddy

If you are someone who wants the best of both worlds- a little bit of alcohol and something warm- hot toddy is the answer. One of the best drinks best enjoyed during winters. Since winter is not the time for chilled beer, we have a great alternative for you!

How to prepare the Drink

Take any brand of rum you prefer (30ml) and mix it with hot water. Now, to make this heavenly concoction you will need cinnamon stick or powder, black pepper whole (kali mirch dana), cloves and honey. To add a zesty flavour, the drink it supposed to be poured with lemon juice and a slice of lemon while serving. This toddy can also act as a medicine when you are suffering from cold or cough. Hence, the hot toddy should definitely be on your list this winter.

3. Mix Fruit Smoothie

Winter is a great season for fruits. The best of strawberries, oranges, guava, apples, banana, grapes and many more are overflowing in the market. Having a mixed fruit smoothie is the best way to combine the goodness of these fruits in one glass. The best time to have this smoothie is in the morning, while soaking in the sun.

How to prepare

Chop some strawberries, banana, apple, grapes, guava (take a pick of your favourite fruits) and orange juice. Put them all in the blender, and voila! You have an amazing immunity booster drink ready to go. It is important to keep orange juice as the base as it goes well with the other fruits and maintains a balance.

4. Lapsang Souchong Tea cocktail

This is a definite winner if you like your tea a little too strong. Lapsang Souchong tea is black tea that contains Camellia sinensis leaves. The true beauty of this tea is the smoky flavour it has as it smoke-dried over pinewood fire. The earthy and sweet aroma makes this tea a classic and sophisticated drink.

How to prepare

For the cocktail, we need Lapsang Souchong Tea that is easily available in the market. Once, the tea is made, add 1 tbsp of sugar and then add the solution to 30ml Bourbon. Alternatively, honey can also be used instead of sugar. The cocktail can be served with ice and orange peel. The cocktail is a stiff beverage that truly enhances the flavour of both the tea and alcohol.

5. Clean Carrot Juice

The best of the orange world! The clean carrot juice is an easy drink that combines the best of winter. A must try! And an important one in our list of 6 Drinks Best Enjoyed in this Season.

How to prepare

All you need is chopped carrots, oranges and papaya. After this, everything is to be blended in the juicer. To add a little heat and give it the oomph factor, add ginger to the juice. This energizing drink can be a great start to your day and help you power through.

6. Beetroot Carrot Apple Juice

Starting your day with a heavy breakfast in winters is always a mistake. The extra starch and sugar can make you feel lethargic throughout the day. Therefore, we have a solution for you. The power packed Beetroot Carrot Apple Juice. All the ingredients are winter favourites and an ideal drink.

How to prepare

Blend some apple, carrot, beetroot and ginger together to prepare this instant energy booster. Beetroot is a dynamic vegetable that is a rich source of dietary nitrates. It also helps in reducing blood pressure and keeping your heart healthy. As good quality beetroot is best available in winter, it is essential to make it a part of your diet.

The first three recipes were contributed by Anubhav Gurani, Founder and Chairman, Enchanted Hills. The recipes are straight from his farm to kitchen. Having served these drinks to his own customers over the years, he has perfected the formula for them.

So, make sure you try these 6 Drinks Best Enjoyed in this Season.and let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed it.

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