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City Socialite, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi
Picture: Global Fashion Street / Akshit Arora/ Oct.2015

It all started over Dinner at Khan Market in the winters of 2014, when two best friends in love with food overheard a young group of college students whining over food prices and good food. Chetan and Renae, were already working together for Chetan’s con-partnered restaurant Ricos in Hudson Lane, New Delhi. The overheard conversation became food for thought which set the ball rolling last November, only to stop at City Socialite shining in all its glory at Safdarjung enclave in July this year!


Renae & Chetan, best friends turned partners

Promises were kept and City Socialite with some great comfortable interiors offers a menu that is all about food choices with prices to bring smiles along with orders. A Chilly Cheese Vada Pao will cost you a mere Rupees 80 and the most expensive being the Mutton Patty at Rupees 200, a delectable non fussy aptly spiced snack food which fills you just right!

City Social - Global Fashion Street

Crispy Nachos with a great non-pungent mustard sauce @ Rs.150
Picture: Global Fashion Street / Akshit Arora/ Oct.2015

Food, of course is great, considering its served fresh but the ambience is worth enjoying during a sumptuous meal at City Socialite! It’s a cosy place with wood and metal in subtle hues at the right places for an American diner with Indian platter.


Enjoy the casual decor
Picture: Global Fashion Street / Akshit Arora/ Oct.2015

“The idea was to start a place for people to sit and socialize at with great food, ambience and comfortable prices. It’s a place for people to relax, enjoy, bond and celebrate life over food; Food that makes your life awesome and worthwhile. And it feels great when people come up to compliment us on food, that’s when we feel we have nailed it right!” says Renae, the enthusiast co-partner of City Socialite.

City Social - Global Fashion Street

Classic grilled fish @ Rs.200
Picture: Global Fashion Street / Akshit Arora/ Oct.2015

It’s the way they present their food that will indeed amuse you. It’s not run-of-the-mill but actually state-of-the-art style that one finds at five stars; they make you feel special at every cost!


Some freshly baked bread on sale
Picture: Global Fashion Street / Akshit Arora/ Oct.2015

Chetan Giroti apart from City Socialite also runs RICOS and FARRATTA, an Indian takeaway at Amar Colony in the capital itself. “It’s all about the basics. Serve customers the best tasting food at a good value in a clean, comfortable restaurant and they will keep coming back,” exuberates Chetan.


Juicy chicken burger @ Rs.150
Picture: Global Fashion Street / Akshit Arora/ Oct.2015

The Classic Grilled Fish, Nachos with a great non-pungent mustard sauce or a Meaty Affair Pizza with some marvelous drinks like the Belgium Chocolate Shake or a Blueberry Frozen Margarita, City Socialite is abuzz with plethora of options for everyone looking out for a quiet place bustling with appetizing food aroma.

City Social - Global Fashion Street

(L) Blueberry frozen margarita & (R) Watermelon Frozen Margarita @ Rs.130
Picture: Global Fashion Street / Akshit Arora/ Oct.2015

Step into this great outlet to enjoy great conversations with friends or simple carry a good book along to spend great times with yourself; Food of course will be taken care of!

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