Coleslaw sandwiches- reinvented and revised

Bringing you a quick and easy change to your regular coleslaw

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This Dutch recipe with cabbage as the main ingredient is tangy and sumptuous both. The otherwise side dish with Fried chicken and barbequed meat, Coleslaw over the years has gained immense popularity as a great filling for sandwiches, owing to its quick recipe and longer stay period if refrigerated well. Coleslaw sandwiches are a huge hit with people with less time and hectic schedules.

Coleslaw sandwiches- reinvented and revised - Global Fashion Street

Coleslaw sandwiches- reinvented and revised || Picture Src.

While originally the coleslaw has only cabbage with vinegar and oil as dressing, the more recent recipes are inclusive of bell peppers, onions, carrots and even apples and mayonnaise for an easy dressing.

But today we bring you variants of the coleslaw for its dressing and ingredients both. Since too much of cabbage takes its toll on the intestinal gas, here’s a healthy twist:

Tomato twist– Replace your cabbage with tomatoes for easy digestion and higher nutrients. Take a large tomato and scoop out its seeds before shredding it thinly. Now take fresh cream in a bowl and whisk it well to make a smooth blend. Add shredded tomato to the cream, salt, black pepper and some oregano seasoning. Blend it well and spread it on the bread. Keep it refrigerated under an air tight container for a longer stay. If you aren’t a fresh cream person then replace it with mayonnaise.

Coleslaw sandwiches- reinvented and revised - Global Fashion Street

Picture Src.

Cucumber cravings– apart from tomatoes, you can add zucchini or cucumber but make sure to deseed them to avoid its water content diluting the spread. The tomato and cucumber spread makes for a great taste together in summers. Follow the same suit for its dressing.

Capsicum, corns and onion– you will only need to steam the sweet corn kernels; capsicum and onion need to be fresh and finely chopped or thinly sliced in the same sizes. Add the same dressing along with a little tomato sauce and you will realise how different and easy this was.

Coleslaw sandwiches- reinvented and revised - Global Fashion Street

Picture Src.

Mix vegetables– thinly slice French beans, capsicum, carrots, onions, and finely chop broccoli. Add all the vegetables along with some steamed sweet corns or peas and mix them well with mayonnaise, salt, pepper, oregano and some tomato sauce.

Try not keeping the dressing for more than a week. It’s best to make smaller portions that would last a couple of days to keep the nutritive value intact.

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