Discovering the self

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Discovering the self - Global Fashion Street

Miss Fantasiya. Acrylic on board

Meet artist Mamta Singh, who shares her story, her journey to the world of Arts and how he has come to realise the importance of women empowerment. Mamta Singh is based out of Mumbai and she is a Teacher with Pidilite Industries.

My journey into the world of colours started early in my life although it was much later when it reached my canvas.

Discovering the self - Global Fashion Street

Artist Mamta Singh

I am from the historical city, Agra where Taj Mahal is situated. My father, being in govt service, had to be posted in various cities of India. On account of this, I came across various types of cultures, food habits and different activities. Since Childhood, I was having interest in Sports, Music and Art & Craft etc. but it was never on my mind that one day, it would become my career. For the first time in matriculation, I made an Oil Painting. In graduation, I did different courses in the field of Fashion Designing and Beautician. After marriage, I remained in different metro-cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and different cities of Bihar where I observed their Art and culture. The pictures were imbibed on my mind and this is what I brought before the world in the form of exhibition and used it as a Social work.

Discovering the self - Global Fashion Street

Mesmerizing Beauty.. Water and pencil color

I lived in Mumbai for 7-8 years and learnt a lot there, which proved to be a very useful experience for me. The only Art & Crafts store in Mumbai i.e. Hobby Idea belongs to M/s Pidlite Industries and I remained there as an expert teacher and taught the children of many celebrities like Kajal, Riya Pillai, Gautami Kapoor etc..

Discovering the self - Global Fashion Street

I have been engaged with M/s Pidilite Company for the last 25 years and with their magazine since 1984. I also prepared different articles for their magazine and did Teacher’s Training. This gives me utmost satisfaction.

Discovering the self

Five elements. Pencil water or pestal on board

Despite, all this I will be much happier, if I am able to open a School with it’s branches in different parts of the world, a place where I can share my knowledge and experience with people who are interested in the field of Arts & Crafts. As I have struggled a lot to learn different things in my life, I do not want that others, who are interested in the field of Art and craft, face the same difficulties.

Discovering the self - Global Fashion Street

Miss Mastani. Acrylic oil on canvas

I have also been designing Diamond jewellery since eighth standard. You will see the mixture of various designs and visions of different western countries like Germany, Belgium in my work.

I have always wanted, since childhood, that I should help the poor people who are living on streets without shelter, to give their children education, clothes etc. from my earnings, which I am able to do today, thanks to my career.

Art & Craft is also termed as Meditation which gives you inner satisfaction and happiness along with love and respect from different people of the society including my own family members. For me, my career has made me realise the importance and potential of women empowerment!

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  1. I think, she is God gifted women in this world coz she do spe. images. It’s not only images but she draw n fulfil colours like colours of humanity, respective. Congratulation . Best of luck for bright future.

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