Discover the new technique – it’s time for Aqua therapy

With no side effects and minimal pain, aqua therapy works wonders for the body.

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The stress women face each day has been on a rise. With our oh-so-busy lives we tend to ignore our health and only sometimes invest loads of money on spa treatments that bear close to no effect. Be it sauna therapy, Thai massages, acupuncture, cupping therapy, aromatherapy, and the list doesn’t seem to end. If these therapies help one aspect of the body there are n number of issues that they fail to cater to.

Having questions about why you need this treatment may have arisen, but putting it bluntly it’s the need of the hour. Here are a few reasons why you must consider aqua therapy as a way to improve your quality of life:



1. Women are Work Warriors!
Women work around the clock; at work or at home. Glued to desks and laptops for the better part of the day the FitBit doesn’t clock in half as many steps you need to walk. Such conditions make your body stiff and lazy. A regular visit to an aqua therapy center will make sure your body retains its strengths and activeness. It’s a great way to care for your body. The buoyancy the water provides reduces your body weight by 90% which in turn dramatically relieves pressure from your joints. It also acts a substitute for the hours of running we can’t manage to put it due to the bust schedule. It engages your cardiovascular strength by the hydrostatic pressure that is exerted on your body when submerged in water. It basically cuts you the slack and makes the process of being fit much easy.


Aquacentric Pool Area

2. It’s my Hormones, I Swear
With age, the body changes and so do the hormones. Women experience fluctuations in their hormones almost constantly and predominantly when they’re nearing their cycle. There has to be a way to ease our hormones and calm our body down. What’s better than Aqua therapy, in this case? It helps with keeping your body fit and in turn helps women who have PCOD and those in the menopause phase. Getting your cycles on time is a huge relief. Aqua Therapy would be a good start to give up the medicines for once and leave it to the trained therapists to take care of the hormones according to your needs.


3. The Baby Labour
Pregnancy is never an easy phase to go through. It comes with a bucket full of raging hormones, pre and postpartum stress and family pressure to top it off. At such times, you need to care for your body as much as you can. Aqua therapy provides treatments for pre and post pregnancy. It strengthens your body and prepares it to bear a healthy baby and post that helps you rejuvenate back to life. Do your body the favor and immerse yourself in the aqua therapy experience. It’ll make sure you have a happy nine months and even more.

Discover the new technique - it’s time for Aqua therapy - Global Fashion Street

Aquacentric Medical-Gymnasium

4. The Post Surgery Stress
Women go through various gynecological surgeries as need be. The stress followed and the body adapting to these surgeries might be painful and hard. At such times being mentally and physically healthy is of utmost importance. Aqua therapy will take care of your body through its gentle form of treatment. The turbulence by the aqua treatment which operates at various speeds helps improve your core stability and balance especially after you’ve gone through a surgery. Aqua therapy also utilizes the warmth of water to relax your body and reduce pain post-surgery.

5. Ageing and its Evil Sisters
The signs of ageing have accelerated into the late 20’s due to the lifestyles women lead and the stress they undertake. In such a period it is easy to lose heart and develop negative feelings about the way you look and feel. Aqua therapy engages in increasing the threshold of ageing and makes you stop fussing about it. The treatments provided take you through a full cycle that ensures wellness and a worry-free mind.

So, go Splurge Yourself with this new style!

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