Five Important Things to consider eating when weather changes

Important reasons why we should eat according to these 4 seasons

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There are 4 seasons in the year according to which we are supposed to alter our diet plan. These seasons are Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. There are various reasons as to why we should eat according to these 4 seasons, no matter where we live.

Five Important Things to consider eating when weather changes - Global Fashion Street

Eating according to the seasons is what nature intends. Everything depends on our eating pattern in these different seasons, Our weight, energy, and wellness. We should not give up on our intake of fat-free food, carbs, proteins and sugar all year around, rather these should be eaten in specific ratios at different times of the year. This way we all will lead to a more sustainable lifestyle.


1. Eat produce grown in their ideal growing season, as they contain more nutrients than when grown offseason. Fruits and vegetable are at their peak of freshness when are in season and they taste the best at this time. Avoid eating off-season produce and make the most of seasonal produce.

2. As we change other things according to the season example clothing we need to change our diet habits as per the season and it makes sense to shift are dietary plans.

3. A diet is something that an individual eats on regular basis. It does not mean you need to give up on your carbs, sugar, protein and other things throughout the year. You need to set a routine according to what has to be eaten when.

Five Important Things to consider eating when weather changes - Global Fashion Street

4. Diseases like obesity, diabetes, autoimmune and other preventable chronic conditions linked to diet and lifestyle have increased. Thus it is important to pay attention to what we put in our system. We should invest in food which is fresh, whole food, free of genetically modified ingredients, chemicals, hormones, added sugar, trans fat and other toxins. This can be seen as a good investment to your health as it will help in the long run preventing the need for health care drugs and keeping all the chronic diseases away.


1. Early summers are the best to eat whole foods, Foods that are light and cooling. A decrease in grains, nuts, seeds, meat and dairy products. Eat plenty of non-starchy vegetables and fruits.

2. Late summers, start a gluten-free diet. Gluten-free cornflakes in your breakfast can be an easy option. Have hydrating fluids and cooling foods. Non-starchy vegetables and fruits and additional protein and fat.

Five Important Things to consider eating when weather changes - Global Fashion Street

3. Autumn is for superfoods. It’s time to eat heavy starchy vegetables. Warming foods and increase in your protein and fat intake. Some quantity of grains and beans.

4. When its heavy winter its time to say hello to sugar-free food. Rest and digest is the mantra. Eat heat producing foods with more proteins, carbs, fat and starchy veggies. Add seeds to your diet along with grains, beans and dairy products. Also, eat sautéed and baked food.

5. Spring is the time to go organic. Cleanse and detox your body at this time of the year. Eat lighter foods and use lighter cooking techniques. Leafy greens, sprouts, herbs are a big yes for spring. Lower your calorie, protein and fat intake.

Support your body and mind with this shift in the dietary plan as per the season change and stay healthy all year around!

This article is contributed by Paras Sharma, Brand Manager, Indian Earth Foods

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