4 ways to detoxify your body in the New Year

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You’ve polished off the sweetmeats you got from family and friends during the festive season. All the frosted cakes, cookies and candies have also been gobbled up while singing Christmas carols and now even the sight of someone making a cocktail makes your stomach turn. The festive season is truly behind us and it’s time to kick-start that healthy lifestyle you promised yourself. Make this the year when you achieve all your health goals by preparing your body for the future with a healthy post-celebration detox diet in just 4 easy ways:


1. A high-fibre diet is a great way to start your detox since fibre aids in the removal of toxins from our body. What better than a bowl of Muesli Diet to start your mornings with? A healthy mix of whole grains, seeds and nuts, this tasty power-food is low on calories, high on nutrition and packed with fibre that would keep you detoxed yet nourished from inside. A great alternative to cereal, which usually contains large amounts of added sugars, Muesli Diet is low fat and zero-cholesterol, making it the perfect breakfast option for those who suffer health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.


2. Are you still feeling bloated due to last year’s dietary sins? Grab a hot cup of Green tea and feel at ease all day long. Packed with EpigallocatechinGallate (ECGC), a powerful anti-oxidant that is a panacea for stomach bloating and gas problems, this super-drink helps in cleansing and detoxifying your body, leaving you with improved digestion, a clear skin and an energized mind all day long. Try with a teaspoon of Multifloral honey to get the sweet taste without adding extra calories.


3. If you are still having the sugar cravings post celebrations, why not give Digestive Cookies a go! Made from nutritious grains like ragi, bajra, soya and oats, these guilt-free cookies are ideal someone who is looking for healthy options in the New Year. Loaded with proteins, fibre and vitamins these zero-cholesterol and zero trans fat cookies will not only keep those sugar pangs at bay but also leave your body with the goodness of probiotics and radiant health.


4. Who said a detox diet is only about deprivation– Dribble Extra Light Olive Oil on your favourite foods and have fun the healthy way this New Year. Rich in mono-saturated fatty acids, which are considered a healthy dietary fat when compared to saturated fats, Extra Light Olive Oil adds great taste to your dishes and is the ideal cooking medium for all cuisines. Packed with anti-oxidants that would keep your hair and skin healthy, Extra Light Olive Oil also reduces the risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and breast cancer. To add that fine aroma and exquisite flavour to your salads and dressings, dribble some Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

So this year, start by changing a little to achieve more.

By Dolly Kumar, Director, GAIA

Gaia is the Greek name for the Goddess of the Earth, a fitting name for a brand that brings the health secrets of the Earth. As the earth regenerates itself, so do we. We all have the inherent power within us to regenerate ourselves and remain young, healthy and vital for years to come. The products are gleaned from Nature at its deepest, most potent level, in the form of ingredients with almost miraculous healing properties, which help arrest our bodies’ inevitable decline with the onset of age. Best of all, these are time-tested for their being entirely natural have only positive effects without any undesirable side-effects, each with its own special healing and nurturing magic.

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