6 Healthy Food Options for a Stronger Immune System

With cooler months approaching, take proactive steps towards bolstering your immune system

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Is your immune system at an all-time low during this changing season? Founder and Director at GAIA, one of India’s fastest growing health and nutrition brand and a mother herself, Dolly Kumar, shares 6 health food snacks that will help boost your immune system

6 Healthy Food Options for a Stronger Immune System - Global Fashion Street

6 Healthy Food Options for a Stronger Immune System || Fotolia

With winters on the way, transition through the seasons is always a challenge. Having a strong immune system is extremely important since most health experts agree that the stronger your immune system, the more balanced you will feel, health wise. The first step towards building a strong immune system is by adopting healthy eating habits.

Good nutrition, plenty of water and an active lifestyle are a few habits one should adopt this season along with the following tips:

6 Healthy Food Options for a Stronger Immune System - Global Fashion Street

A natural herb, Neem is known to help boost your immune system also with cooling down your body internally. Neem has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that keep your skin radiant, healthy and clean. It helps clear toxins and impurities from the blood and thus a stronger immune system.  Pop a Neem capsule in the morning for a calmed and purified self!

Keeping one nourished from the inside during this time is not only important but also necessary to remain healthy. Kick-start your mornings with Muesli and be high on energy all day long! Rich in dietary fibre, proteins, iron and anti-oxidants, this power-food is a healthy mix of rolled oats, wheat flakes and corn flakes along different flavours.

6 Healthy Food Options for a Stronger Immune System - Global Fashion Street

A nutritiously satisfying meal, dribble some Multifloral Honey over a bowl of Muesli with skimmed milk and pleasure that sweet tooth.

Alternatively, you can also indulge in a steaming bowl of Masala Oats or Oats with Vegetables. Rich in dietary fibre and protein, Oats are a low-calorie food that would keep one fuller for longer. Oats are also proven to manage cholesterol levels, maintain healthy body weight and reduce risk of blood sugar and diabetes.

6 Healthy Food Options for a Stronger Immune System - Global Fashion Street

Do you usually feel an energy dip in the afternoon or are suffering with a sore throat due to the weather? Ditch the sweet, carbonated drinks you usually indulge in and opt for a warm cup of Green Tea insteadGreen Tea comes packed with powerful anti-oxidants and nutrients that help regulate blood sugar, improve brain function and enhance metabolism. Rich with bioactive compounds, essential minerals and fat qualities, it not only helps in increasing the detoxification process of the body but also, aids in weight loss. Add a dash of honey and squeeze a lemon in your cup of green tea and make your day a tangy, zesty and delicate affair!

For those who have dietary restrictions and cannot indulge in honey, try Stevia. A diabetic person’s best friend, stevia is a 100% low-calorie sugar substitute that aids in weight loss and lowers blood sugar levels. Pop a tablet in your daily cup of tea or coffee and drink away to glory!

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