A simple technique to do meditation

Learn to meditate, the easiest way, Krishna Tells You How!

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A simple technique to do meditation

Al Krishana

This is a simple technique to do meditation, which ultimately worked for this practitioner of yoga, after trying numerous other ways suggested by others.

This is the method taught by Krishna to Arjuna in Bhagwadgeeta.

1. Surrender to a God or Higher Power of your understanding; believing that you can’t manage your life on your own. So, ask him to manage it for you.

2. Sit in a comfortable position keeping your head, neck and spine in one straight line. (The best position is lotus or cross legged but if you are unable to do that then sit on a chair.)


3. Focus your eyes on the tip of your nose. The eyes should remain open. Join the tips of your thumb and index finger lightly. Or you can keep your palms in your lap, the left palm below and right palm on top.

4. Chant as per your religious beliefs. Hindus-Om, Muslims-Ameen, Christians- Amen, Buddhists- Hum, Sikhs- Omkar.

5. Do it regularly for15 minutes at the most. If you are unable to do for 15 minutes then start with a few minutes and gradually increase the time till you reach 15 minutes. Maximum twice a day. Though morning and evening are considered as the best time to practice meditation but today life is very busy, so, choose a slot of your own convenience.


Note- Please do not bother yourself with the Sanskrit words thrown at us by so many people. Your breath will automatically get to the rhythm, most suitable for you. The eyes may water initially but it’s all right and once they have been cleansed, they will close automatically during meditation. Focus on your nose and chanting will keep both under control, the body and the monkey mind.

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​Krishna’s journey to discovering the self began 18 years back and he realized the truth 9 years back after he broke up with drugs and alcohol. For the last nine years he has been practicing this method of meditation and he has got Peace which is intensifying every passing day. Today, he mentors people in distress and serves all who ask for his help.​

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