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Get rid of Miseries - Global Fashion Street

What is the Root Cause of our miseries and how to get rid of it?

All the sages, who have progressed spiritually, have realized on their way to find the truth, the same thing, the root cause of human’s misery is ‘Ignorance’. What is ignorance?

When a soul comes to the womb as per the past karma, the accumulated ignorance is already there. Along with that the ignorance of present life and the combination makes it difficult for a person to realize the truth in present times of Kaliyuga because of the negativity visible everywhere.

Get rid of Miseries - Global Fashion Street

The child is made a part of the rat race within the womb. The parents are deciding what the child should be in society in terms of materialism, a doctor, an engineer, an astronaut, etc. And the child is brought up in that particular manner including education.

The child also strives to be what the parents have been telling him from early childhood and works hard to please them and himself. Every achievement is rewarded and failure is pointed out, sometimes with punishment. The child has set goals and continues this journey and on the way the child picks up rewards and one day the child is labelled a successful person with a wife and child, a promising career, a beautiful house, social status, etc.

Get rid of Miseries - Global Fashion Street

However, we humans are born with a void, which we try to fill with material things, but the material things give only short term fulfilment and after sometime the feeling of something lacking in life again reappears. This void can only be filled permanently with spirit (truth, bliss, peace, love, light and knowledge).

So now, this person’s three symptoms of Ignorance i.e. Restlessness, Irritability and Discontentment, become powerful because the wisdom dawns that I have everything, which society says is needed for a happy life, then why I still feel that something important is missing from life.

At this stage the quest to find that missing link starts and the person is now like a boat without a boatman -doesn’t know what to do and where to go. The person follows family and friend’s advice and goes to some guru or therapy or a program, etc. They give relief for sometime but afterwards the feeling of void again resurfaces because none of them have got the truth, these measures are also material in nature.

Get rid of Miseries - Global Fashion Street

And this truth is hidden inside the heart of every individual, which nobody wants to tap. Why, because the way inside shows the negative first which nobody is comfortable with. But once a person goes beyond that the truth starts unravelling itself. The void inside starts filling and the life appears beautiful now even without material things.

This truth is known by different names in different places. Ishwar, Allah, God, Pure Consciousness, Super Soul, Eternity, Creator, etc.

For men, to be one with him is the only purpose of life and after that enjoying this creation without hurting self or others. Such a person can be called, ‘Man in God’s image’.

For women, they are born enlightened and to have union with such a man is the purpose of life. Material richness is just an accessory to achieve this goal. It can’t be carried forward in next life. Only the karma goes with a human and decides his or her future.

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