What causes misery

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What causes misery - Global Fashion Street

We humans have emotions. Every thought, speech and action is a result of these emotions. When a person is living a spiritual life, which is not a possibility in present times, every action will be full of love because a person has to overcome all the material emotions to fill the heart with pure, unconditional love.

What causes misery - Global Fashion Street

So since spiritual life is not a possibility then naturally the person is living a material life which is lived on the seven deadly sins namely- pride, anger, lust, greed, sloth, jealousy and gluttony. Every action based on these emotions will bring a reaction to the doer sooner or later.

What causes misery - Global Fashion Street

In Bhagwad Geeta, Krishna mentioned them as kama(desires), krodha(anger), mada(pride), lobh(greed) and moha(ignorance).

To get rid of these is not easy on one’s own efforts. One need to surrender to God or a Higher Power of one’s own understanding. When a person surrenders and prays to God to show him the light then God starts giving wisdom to that individual. The person starts living God’s way of life for humans, full of positivity. And soon, the negative emotions start loosening control over the individual’s life and love starts taking control.

What causes misery - Global Fashion Street

The person starts feeling the positive energy in his or her life. This positivity is so attractive that the person starts losing interest in material fulfilment. Amazing things start happening for this individual. He or she wants to share the positive with everyone around. The sense of being one with world starts intensifying.

This path is difficult only in the beginning, with passage of time, it seems beautiful. Whereas the material gains give pleasure only in the beginning but later they start giving pain. So choose wisely.

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