Difference between Love and Attachment

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There’s a thin line between Love and Attachment. What is practiced by most of the people nowadays is Attachment. Because a person who practices Love is in a continuous state of Peace and Bliss.

Difference between Love and Attachment - Global Fashion Street

Love gives freedom to the person who practices it and to the people whom he or she loves. A lover doesn’t want to control or possess. On the other hand attachment gives Bondage, when we are attached then we want to control. We want that the other person should do or speak what we want to hear.

While Love gives Faith, Attachment gives Fear. A lover has faith even if he or she realises that the other person is cheating, yet a lover won’t confront because of the faith that everything is going to be fine at the right time. A person who has attachment always has the fear of losing the other person. He or she will try to control and will get angry or react negatively.

Difference between Love and Attachment - Global Fashion Street

Difference between Love and Attachment

Love brings Peace and Contentment in practitioner’s life. Attachment makes the person restless and irritable. An attached person is always worrying or scheming to get the things in an order which he or she wants. And this brings irritation because nothing in this universe can be controlled by any individual. This universe is created by God to practice Love, on the other hand attachment is opposite of Love.

In love the person wants to sacrifice his desires or belongings, just for the sake of happiness for the other. A mother’s Love for her child is the best example. Attachment provokes the practitioner to possess. Take control. The feeling of I, Me, Myself. It seems to the person that if he or she will let go then they are going to lose the person, who they are attached to.

Difference between Love and Attachment - Global Fashion Street

In love, welfare of the other is the only desire. But an attached person wants his or her benefits. He or she thinks what is the gain. It could look like a sacrifice to others but the attached person is looking at the long term gains.

Love is honest, what is in heart of the lover is visible in action. They have no hidden agenda or motives. Whether someone is watching or no is least of their concern. Attachment brings deceit. The person is trying to show that he or she cares but actually it’s on the surface level only. Deep down something else is cooking.

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