Do you see the Sun Behind?

The world from the eyes of a Pessimist and an Optimist

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It is said that a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity and an optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty. These are the famous lines by Winston Churchill.

Do you see the Sun Behind? - Global Fashion Street

Do you see the Sun Behind? Pixabay

We humans are born with inbuilt traits. Our genes play a huge part in making us who we are. Our upbringing and the environment too can have a huge impact on us. If we have been brought up in a positive environment with positive vibes around us we become optimists. If we are brought up in a negative and unhealthy environment we are prone to becoming pessimistic.

Do you see the Sun Behind? - Global Fashion Street

A pessimist always has a negative view of the world, they always see the downside; for them life is cruel and unfair. On the other hand for an optimist life is brimming with happiness and opportunities. It is all in the mind, the world can be beautiful, and life can be amazing, only if we take it positively. The world can be a cruel and difficult if we are pessimistic.

There are two ways of looking at it -positive or negative; the two sides to a coin. A pessimist always blames the situation and an optimist makes the most of it. The pessimist sees only the cloud but the optimist sees the sun behind it.

Do you see the Sun Behind? - Global Fashion Street

And the way to look for the silver lining in every dark cloud is actually simple. Next time, when you start to fret about something, take a pause and ask yourself, could there be something good about this?  Rather than getting weighed down by negative thoughts, take control. Positive thoughts make a positive life brimming with opportunities and happiness.

Yes, it’s that simple. All it takes to start a change is a thought. Let yours start today.

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2 thoughts on “Do you see the Sun Behind?”

  1. A nice article, although the value could have been enhanced if Deepali had given some tips on converting pessimism into optimism. It may sound bizarre that flow of money is an important ingredient to cause optimism. Imagine a child born into a wealthy family vis a vis a child not so well endowed. Wealth causes optimism because it gives you many opportunities not granted to the poor. The poor spend their lives putting together two square meals for themselves and their families. How on earth can he have a positive outlook in life? The rich, even though not deserving, have many opportunities which lead to optimism. Undoubtedly, therefore, money begets opportunities, opportunities improve quality of life, quality of life results in greater optimism, and the chain continues. Poverty causes lack of opportunities, lack of opportunities cause poor quality of life, poor quality of life results in pessimism, and the chain continues.

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