Have you tried Tomato Capri Salad

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It might be common but most agreeably it’s the basic for every kitchen. Today, we bring you this interesting recipe where Tomatoes are the main ingredient for a starter accompanied by others that add on to the flavour.

Have you tried tomato Capri Salad - Global Fashion Street

Have you tried Tomato Capri Salad

The Capri Salad

Most simple yet so mouth watering, it’s difficult to resist this tomato starter. All you need is some mozzarella cheese, olives and large tomatoes!

What you need:

2 tomatoes

Approx 125 gm of Mozzarella cheese

10-12 black olives

1 tspn extra virgin olive oil

1 tspn olive oil (extra virgin preferred)

Fresh basil leaves

And Salt & Pepper to taste


How to go about it:

Cut tomatoes and cheese into thin slices of equal size, the cheese squares to match the size of tomato slices. Slice the olives into halves and sauté them just a little.

Have you tried tomato Capri Salad - Global Fashion Street

Sprinkle a slight salt and pepper on to the slices. Now starting with tomatoes first, create layers of tomato, cheese topped with basil leaves and olives and end with a layer of cheese, olive and basil on the top. The right set should have three layers of tomato slices.

Transfer the stack on to the hot grill for about 2-3 minutes to let the cheese melt. Pour very little quantity of olive oil and vinegar on the stack while it’s still on the grill, twice or thrice depending on the speed of cheese melting away.

Shift it to a quarter plate, serve and enjoy while it’s still hot!

Have you tried tomato Capri Salad - Global Fashion Street

Alternatively, if you do not want a lot of cheese you can always switch it with roasted potatoes, fish or chicken and top it up with a little cheese to melt down while covering the stack. Try different variations and let us know if it really got your taste buds watering!

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