How to get Peace

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How to get Peace - Global FAshion Street

The life today in a city is like a roller coaster ride. Once you sit and it starts, you are lost. You get back to your senses when it stops. And then you heave a sigh of relief. Nowadays, you get this sense of relief when you take a vacation or you are sick.

Otherwise, more or less, it’s the same story with every child and adult. Once the child enters school he or she is being pushed beyond his or her limits. This is Rat race. It has been there earlier as well but now it has picked up pace. This rat race doesn’t stop till the individual has reached the point when he or she is unable to work. The carrots or rewards or the so called achievements are cited as examples by parents, bosses or friends. 

How to get Peace - Global FAshion Street

In this melee we get so absorbed that we are unable to enjoy life. Let’s start from the body we live in. All of you understand that this life is a combination of spirit and matter or body and soul. We have to give food to both to maintain a balance and thus enjoy life. Most of you must have heard or read about the Red Indian story of the good wolf and the bad wolf. The wolf you feed reflects in your life. 

So, to bring Peace back in your lives, it’s important that the soul should also be fed along with the body. You HAVE to set aside a 45 minutes to 60 minutes chunk of your 24 hours to bring Peace back in your lives.

How to get Peace

Whether you believe in a God or Creator or Higher Power or not, you have to believe that there is someone who is running the show otherwise all your desires and wishes should be fulfilled. 

So, surrender yourself to a God of your understanding when you get up in the morning and thank him for your day, whether it was good or bad from your point of view. When you get up, pray to him for peace, wisdom, acceptance and courage in your life in your preferred language. (He understands all) 

How to get Peace - Global FAshion Street

After your bath and before breakfast, sit for meditation for 15 minutes. After coming home in evening, wash your face and hands and again sit for meditation for 15 minutes.

In night, when you are in your bed, thank him for your day and then sleep.Continue doing it for at least 3 weeks to see some results. Perhaps with the wisdom you will get will help you to enjoy life.

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