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I am huge fan of food at go, firstly because it’s easy to gobble up and secondly, of course it looks tempting and delicious. However, with changes in the food trends, food quality in restaurants, hygiene and growing health awareness, we are all witnessing the shift and inclination towards organic food and healthy alternatives from kids to the elders in the family.

Make it the Way They Make It - Delicious Paneer Wrap Made Easy - Global Fashion Street

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In this edition of Global Fashion Street we bring you the healthy–make-at-home alternative for Paneer Wrap much enjoyed by everyone at some of the famous fast food chains.

Paneer Wrap


For Filling

1) 100 gm. Cottage Cheese (Paneer)
2) Iceberg Lettuce
3) 2 Tomatoes
4) 1 onion
5) Olive oil

For Wrap

1) Whole wheat flour
2) Refined oil/ Olive oil


1) Homemade sauce:

a) oat flour/ Refined Flour
b) Olive oil/ butter
c) 3-4 cloves garlic
d) mixed herbs/ oregano seasoning
e) Processed cheese (optional)
f) Tomato ketchup
h) Green chilly
i) Black pepper powder
j) Salt to taste

Make it the Way They Make It - Delicious Paneer Wrap Made Easy - Global Fashion Street

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a) Chipotle sauce or
b) Sandwich sauce or
c) Others- as per your preference



Step 1: Kneed the whole wheat flour dough and make small portion balls
Step 2: flatten the dough balls using the rolling pin to make flat round bread (larger than chapatti)
Step 3: cook it on tawa or non-stick pan till its golden brown on both sides (you can also use refined oil to slightly pan fry it)

Homemade Sauce

Step 1: Heat the butter/ oil in the pan, add finely chopped garlic and chopped green chilly, sauté it till garlic turn golden brown.
Step 2: Add one and a half spoon of refined flour/ oat flour and stir till its mixes well.
Step 3: Add a pinch of black pepper and salt to taste
Step 4: Add water and stir till you get a sauce of a little thick consistency.
Step 5: Add 3 spoons of tomato sauce and mixed herbs/ oregano seasoning, mix well
Step 6: Add one cube of processed cheese or 2 spoons of cheese spread for a cheesy flavour (optional)
Step 7: In case the sauce forms the lump, you can blend it in the mixture once it cools down for smooth textured

Final Ensemble

Step 1: Cut cottage cheese in the rectangular pieces, grease it with olive oil with a baking brush and grill it on the toaster griller or pan fry it on the non-stick pan till it a golden brown and a little crispy.
Step 2: Medium chop the iceberg lettuce, thin slice onion and tomatoes.
Step 3: Spread the homemade sauce or chipotle sauce on the wrap, spread the chopped lettuce in the middle of the wrap horizontally with 2-3 slices of onion and tomatoes.
Step 4: Arrange the cottage cheese cubes on the veggies and dribble the sauce as per choice on it
Step 5: Roll the wrap and voila the wrap is ready.

You can add your own choice of sauce combinations and vegetables for experimentation. Homemade sauce helps you to skip the additives and preservatives as well as red chilly, especially for those who have medical intolerance towards any of the above mentioned.

Hope this brings another addition to your weekend menu!! Bon Appetite!!

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