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Realise that your life purpose is to act upon the choices that you are scared about.

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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate or weak, but that we are powerful beyond measure. It is not our light, but our darkness that most frightens us. It is not our strength, but our weakness that scares us. It is not our confidence, but the insecurities that hold us back.

Liberate Yourself Through Yoga -  Build A Better you - Global Fashion Street

The level of belief in yourself despite the enormous amount of failures you experience is what leads you to a big breakthrough. This vision should be so big that the failure you go through hardly matters. These are the failures that will eventually get you to where you actually wanted to go. Moving towards your goal is a journey and is not an overnight miracle that is going to happen. It tests your patience and perseverance. Another lesson we learn on the way to this goal achievement is the goal setting and giving all that you have got, without getting attached to the outcome. Because actually, the truth lies in the fact that achieving your goal is not really going to change your life or your world, but the person you become on the way to getting there is where the true ‘transformation’ lies.

Never hold yourself to a standard that you may never reach. Do not spend your days in endless comparisons to pictures on social media or in magazines, thinking that you will never be able to match upto that, even though you were not meant to be there in the first place. Do not stress yourself thinking that you need to be stretched so thin, or try to fit yourself into shoes that are too big. Do not be obsessed about what you are doing, where you are going and what you know and do not know.

Liberate Yourself Through Yoga -  Build A Better you - Global Fashion Street

Just trust in God and the Universe, walk on your own two feet on the path that you have chosen, leading you to become the person you are supposed to. Dig deep inside of yourself and acknowledge the parts of you that don’t shine, the aspects of you that are not part of your glory and magnificence. These are the parts that do not make you feel amazing about yourself, but once you face them, once you open upto them to let yourself to grow, to letting go of fear, of constantly living in darkness, you open yourself up to possibilities of shining more and more.

The truth is that we carry ourselves wherever we go, there is no escaping. But the one thing that I have learnt from life is that we have to dig deep and find that source of joy within ourselves, instead of running away somewhere or to someone to be happy. Invite good things into your life, and see how the energy in you gets elevated. Abundance will begin to flow to you. The way you treat yourself is a conversation with the universe and that is exactly what you will receive. Be yourself, be remarkable. We are all here to express and to create. We are here to shine in our own special way. Do not conform but set your own rules and be a bit of a rebel. Go and explore your own unique path.

Liberate Yourself Through Yoga -  Build A Better you - Global Fashion Street

No matter how powerless you feel, how difficult things seem, how horrible things are going, just do not give up. You have to keep going. Even if its scary, even when you feel the weakest, pick yourself up and move forward because whatever you are fighting/battling will pass and you will make it through. This I have experienced myself that the darkest times will lead us to the brightest places. The most toxic people can teach us the most important lessons and the most painful struggles can help us grow. Sometimes, what seems like a curse can actually be a blessing, a way the universe is asking you to travel down a different path.

Realise that your life purpose is to act upon the choices that you are scared about. Your life purpose is to become the person that inspires you, to become the hero of the story of your own life. You have made it this far and you can make it through whatever comes next.

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Sunaina Ravindra

Having started as an advertising professional, Sunaina’s Journey includes her education in Engineering and an MBA degree before she finally stepped from the peak of her career to follow her dream of pursuing the path of wellness. She has been running marathons for over a decade now and practices and teaches yoga in Mysore. She also heads the India chapter of a NGO – ‘CLIMB against Sexual Abuse’ apart from being an ambassador of Pinkathon.

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