Quick Yoga Tips for Working Professionals

Too much on your plate and no time for Yoga? A few quick tips for the busy bees

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For most busy professionals, it is easier to invest money in property than invest even 15 minutes in exercising. Only if you could realise the benefits of this investment! Bringing you some quick tips for a healthy and happy life…

Yoga says ‘A distracted breath is a distracted mind!’ Starting the day by paying attention to the breath would be the best way to harness the potential of your Prana. Try to focus on your breathing for a few minutes every day, the navel rising up for every inhalation and going down with exhalation.

Quick Yoga Tips for Working Professionals - - Global Fashion Street

Relaxed Posture

The first and the simplest thing to do at work would be to sit in a Relaxed Posture, for a relaxed mind and even distribution of energy throughout the body for the entire day.

This will help you make more informed decisions, professionally and personally. Ensure that the body is not stiff and the spine is upright always. Ensure that you do some palming at least once an hour and place the warm fingers on the eyes, this helps release tension around the eyes and the optic nerves.

Breathing is the second most important part of ensuring a calm and peaceful mind. When the breath is relaxed, the mind is calm. Sitting in a good posture and taking slow long breaths prevents compression of the lumbar. Pay complete attention to full inhalation and exhalation even while lying down or when you are sitting at work.

Quick Yoga Tips for Working Professionals - - Global Fashion Street

Spinal Twist

One of the most obvious problems any working professional experiences is the tension in the neck and lumber. A simple and key solution to reduce/prevent back injuries would be to do some Spinal Twist.

These twists will also keep your digestion in check on days you need to grab food off the counter and is unhealthy. Fold the legs at the knees while lying down and twist the legs on either side, while turning the head in the opposite direction. A variation to this is while standing keep the feet around 3 feet wide and twist the spine by trying to reach the toes with the opposite hand.

Working on the laptop, attending calls on the phone, weeks and years of typing would definitely make your arms heavy. This tension spreads around the neck and shoulders. While sitting on the chair in office, look over your right shoulder by holding the back rest of the chair with your left arm and the right arm on the arm support. Repeat the same to the other side to balance the posture.

Quick Yoga Tips for Working Professionals - - Global Fashion Street

Stretching the Arms

Stretching the Arms in front and moving it up and down with slight rotation of the fingers and the wrist are few other simple techniques to release the tension of the arms. It helps to release the tension of the shoulders, neck as well as stabilizes migraine headaches and tension headaches. Carpel tendon is a condition which can be relieved by doing these basic simple stretches.

Quick Yoga Tips for Working Professionals - - Global Fashion Street

Neck Rotation

Simple Neck Rotation to the right and left occasionally while working in front of the system can work wonders. Have you ever wondered how your office ceiling looks like? Take a moment off to look up and down while at work. You would have released enormous tension from the neck, shoulders and the spine by these gentle twists.

So, now that we have opportunities, either at work or outside, to practice yoga and make a choice for good health, let’s get started. Invest in yourself for 15 days: take 30 minutes off every day to visit a space of peace and deep rest.

In time, you might just find that your daily practice has become your lifelong companion.

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