The Yoga Journey- Learn How to Start Yours

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Think Yoga and you will think of a person bending their body in some posture, most of the cases it would be in weird poses. You will probably imagine the cover page of a magazine with the hands and legs of a person all mixed up.

Except that it’s not!

Asanas or Yoga postures are only one aspect of Yoga – Hatha or the Physical Yoga


Sunaina Ravindra – The Yoga Journey

Though it is maintained that only practicing the physical postures without following the Yamas, Niyamas, etc is not Yoga but mere gymnastics.

People also shy away from Yoga thinking that they are not the ‘Yoga type’. We need to realise that there is no type in Yoga. In fact the whole point of Yoga is the journey that unfolds within you to discovering yourself.

The Yoga Journey- Learn How to Start Yours - Global Fashion Street

The critical thing for you to remember is that, if you are truly committed to a life of yoga, you can never give up and never stop. Success only comes through continuous commitment to yourself and your path. If you feel like you have reached a plateau in your yoga and you feel that you are not growing fully anymore, start to search, within yourself and outside. Read books, find new teachers, travel, practice in a new way and so on. Find a way to get inspired and motivated again.

There will be times where you don’t feel as connected to yoga. That is normal. You have to remember to keep going, accept that there are lows and highs in yoga as in life, but that you must keep going and things will gradually ascend again. Always try to stay inspired, interested and connected. Seek, search and stay open to new things and you will find satisfaction.


There is no special arrangement required before going out on your Yoga journey. You can start the journey alone and will soon realise and meet innumerable beautiful people on the same path as you. Every Yoga journey starts with a personal conduct of the individual with himself.

At this initial stage, a lot of motivation is required, to explore the various activities and options which can be challenging at times. During the next stage, this external dependency is reduced and the person starts understanding himself much better, thereby bridging the gap between the conscious and the soul. In simple words, the Yogi has started the journey towards the physical and spiritual awareness, reducing the unconsciousness fluctuations of the mind.

In conclusion, I would like to say that every one of us can do Yoga. Finding Yoga and adding it to your life is the first step in this journey, but it is not enough. Every step along the way takes attention, care, awareness and a lot of informed decisions. We need to realise that as we grow, our needs will change and what we have learnt initially is not enough to keep us where we are. We start Yoga as a certain person, and then we slowly grow into expanded beings.

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Having started as an advertising professional, Sunaina’s Journey includes her education in Engineering and an MBA degree before she finally stepped from the peak of her career to follow her dream of pursuing the path of wellness. She has been running marathons for over a decade now and practices and teaches yoga in Mysore. She also heads the India chapter of a NGO – ‘CLIMB against Sexual Abuse’ apart from being an ambassador of Pinkathon.

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