Why Sex is also a spiritual high

Understanding Sex in a Greater Meaning

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The world, (nature) we live in, is bound by time. God has created it within himself and has put it in Auto-mode. The nature is based on certain rules. It cannot go out of control. Nothing bad or wrong has ever happened in this creation. It’s very finely tuned to the last detail. As per the Indian and Greek scriptures there are four yuga or ages (phases); they are Satyug or Golden age, Treta yuga or Silver age, Dwapar yuga or Copper age and Kaliyuga or Iron age.


We humans are the best creation of God because God himself manifests as a human. He created Man in his image and Woman in his nature’s image. This world is a beautiful Leela or play of God. God is full of Peace, Bliss, Love, Truth, Light and Knowledge.


The Bliss he has is the same which every creature experiences during orgasm, hence, the natural attraction of the opposite sexes. Males have the positive energy of God. Female have the negative energy of Nature. When the two energies unite, that is the God consciousness. That’s the biggest high.


All the material highs have an equal low also. But sex is a spiritual high and its effects last long. But this state can only be acquired by a human when he or she is consciously connected with God by practicing the virtues mentioned in different religious scriptures.

Understanding Sex in a Greater Meaning

Among all the species, only humans are capable of becoming God’s replica in physical form. Every human is capable of this. But since we are in the last leg of the present Chaturyuga or Quartet that instead of being God consciousness state, we are in the matter or nature consciousness state. We have presumed that matter or nature is the Truth because our senses can see, feel and hear nature.


Sex for humans has been designed differently. It’s not like animal sex where male mounts a female. That’s nature merging into nature. For humans, it’s female mounting the male which is possible only amongst humans. But to have sex in this manner, the male should be God conscious because only then he can have more patience than a female and allow her to mount her. A male becomes a Man when he imbibes and applies all the virtues in all the affairs of his life. Then that male becomes a God replica in human form.

When a woman mounts a man, contraception is always being practiced. There is no need of any contraceptives. When a woman wants to conceives then she asks the man to mount her. 

The Kaliyuga is the age of Ignorance. In the present times, the level of ignorance is so high that the humans have started playing God and in the process we have abused the nature to a very extent. But this is also a part of the process. Without total ignorance or darkness, there can’t be total knowledge or light.

The key to attain peace in present is a personal conscious contact with God, who is at the core of every living being. A person who meditated regularly can connect to God. Once this connection is established, the individual will go beyond nature and time. Then that individual will enjoy life because such a person will always be at Peace with oneself and the world. For such a person, it’s always Satyuga or Golden age. The negativity of the world will lose its power to disturb him or her.

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