Purification of the Soul

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When the Spirit or Soul or Consciousness comes in the body, it becomes impure. God is pure Spirit, this universe is His creation within HIM. This universe is in a dream state. It’s not real. But God has created it so beautifully that it seems real. There is only HIM existing in all forms yet HE is unattached to them.

This universe is made of matter or Prakriti (nature). All the energy in the universe is God’s energy but once it comes in contact with the nature, it becomes impure. Purification of the Soul or the process of Enlightenment is the only purpose of creating this world so that when the individual becomes enlightened, he becomes one with God. But he still remains part of the WHOLE. That individual doesn’t become whole. And he practices the six signs of godliness in his life. These six qualities are Unconditional Love, Pure Bliss, Truth, Knowledge, Peace and Light.


When a person takes birth, he is already carrying his or her karma from the past life.

Hence the purification of the soul should start early in the life, somewhere around at the time of puberty. So that the individual is able to grow spiritually. When the life of an individual is focused on spiritual growth, the material growth also happens with that because this matter has come out of the spirit, not the other way around.


Today, because of this Kaliyuga or Iron age, the whole attention is being given to the material growth. The individual becomes a part of this rat race. By the time the individual reaches his or her mid thirties or forties, a question starts bothering the individual. The individual sees that he or she has all the material things but still something is missing. He or she wants Peace but it’s eluding him. Then the person starts his or her quest for the truth. But it becomes difficult because the energy has been spent focusing only on the material growth.

Whatever age an individual is, he or she can still start afresh. For purification of the soul, the most important thing is faith. When a person has faith that there is a Higher Power who has created this world then the process of this spiritual life starts. The person surrenders to a Higher Power of his or her understanding. Initially this faith and surrender is fake or superficial. But with regular practice it starts turning into real because those prayers start bearing the fruits. After this regular prayer and meditation are required. Slowly the individual starts establishing a personal conscious contact with the Higher Power. After that it becomes a smooth sailing because the individual starts seeing the evidence that someone is indeed doing things for him.

Every individual takes birth with three symptoms of Ignorance; these are Discontentment, Irritability and Restlessness. Once the spiritual progress happens, these three start decreasing in the individual’s daily life.

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​Krishna’s journey to discovering the self began 18 years back and he realized the truth 9 years back after he broke up with drugs and alcohol. For the last nine years he has been practicing this method of meditation and he has got Peace which is intensifying every passing day. Today, he mentors people in distress and serves all who ask for his help.​

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  1. Dear Mr Krishna, please elaborate more on the content of this article.. Purification of soul by writing more such articles.. It’s very interesting but there ton of knowledge that you can still share..

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