Ramadan at Mohammed Ali

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Ramadan at Mohammed Ali - Global Fashion Street

Pic.1 Baida Roti Pic.2 & Pic.3 Candid Picture: Global Fashion Street / Suraj Nayak / July 2016

Ramadan being a month of fasting for the Muslims, also has the silver lining of Iftari as a great feasting time with togetherness and brotherhood. The best thing about secularism is when different cultures come together to celebrate festivals and enjoy the traditions, customs and festivities. And the best part is Food. Although the month of Ramadan is observed all over India but Mumbai has its own charm when it comes to a fully decked Mohammed Ali Road during the month of Ramadan. Our camera in Mumbai takes a walk and brings you the best of what it offeRs. An exclusive from Suraj Nayak…

One of the most crowded roads on the Ramadan evenings is the Mohammed Ali road right from the time of Iftari till the time of Sehri.

Ramadan at Mohammed Ali - Global Fashion Street

Pic.1 Chicken Tikka Pic.2 Rumaloi Roti Pic.3 Tandoori Chicken Pic.4 Mutton Seekh Picture: Global Fashion Street / Suraj Nayak / July 2016

My visit to this paradise of food made me taste a variety of tasty and delicious food let’s start with infamous ‘Baida roti’ egg wrapped in thick crust of crunchy coating served with mint chutney tastes awesome one can have it for just Rs 40.

And if you visit Mohammed Ali road and miss out on ‘chicken tikkas’ you have seriously missed out on a very special food item. Available @ a price of Rs 280 per plate, it’s a delicacy worth to be enjoyed.

‘Mutton seekh’ is something you would love to taste as it light and does not makes you wait long just at Rs 120 per plate is dish that you must try.

Ramadan at Mohammed Ali - Global Fashion Street

Pic.1 & Pic.2 Chicken Tikka Pic.3 Shawarma Picture: Global Fashion Street / Suraj Nayak / July 2016

Tandoori chicken is always everyone’s favorite isn’t it ?And having it here with soft and tasty rumali roti just makes you crave for more though being a bit heavy on your pockets for Rs 400 per plate is surely worth every penny you spend.

Shawarmas, no one can make shawarmas like the vendors at Mohammed Ali road with wrapping the pieces of chicken in pav, roti and kaboos dipped in sauces is a mouthwatering food item with ranging from Rs 30-50.

Ramadan at Mohammed Ali - Global Fashion Street

Pic.1 Mava Jalebi Pic.2 Sandal Pic.3 Phirni Pic.4 Mal Puva Picture: Global Fashion Street / Suraj Nayak / July 2016

One can never ignore the sweets displayed at various stalls on the sides of the Mohammed Ali road starting with mava jalebi not the typical jalebi a heavier version of it and tastier too immensely popular as burhanpur mava jalebi costs you around 40Rs for 250grams.

It just doesn’t end on the mava jalebi- phirni and malpua are the two famous sweets one can never ignore. Here phirni is prepared using ground rice, milk, sugar and saffron. Served in a clay pot, it is priced just at Rs 50. On the other hand, malpua at Mohammed Ali road is something one should never miss. I myself being a big fan of this sweet desert malpua, which is a  pancake like sweet, deep fried and dipped into sugar syrup layered with eggs served with milk priced at Rs 140, is one of the finest delicacies.

Sweets are a big part of feasting in Ramadan. In addition to the list is, sandal a sweet rice cake somewhat tasting like an idli but garnished with cream and tooty-frooty for just Rs 20 is worth a delight.

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