Three Ways for quick sound sleep

Ways to eventually relax your mind and grasp some sleep

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The daily stressful routines and erratic schedules eventually take a toll on your sleep. Eventually, when insomnia sets in we rush to the doctors or start popping pills. But there are easy solutions available. Breathing in yoga is a base solution to many lifestyle diseases that we encounter, including anxiety and insomnia.

Three Ways for quick sound sleep - Global Fashion Street

We bring you three easy and natural ways to get back into the habit of sleeping soundly again, like a baby. Before we start, it is imperative to know that our bodies work on a system that relies on a schedule. When we confuse our body clock with long and wrong hours of work and sleep, it gets confused and hence, problems start.

The old saying of early to bed and early to rise did make sense. Yet, if we can make a routine and follow the discipline a lot of problems will get solved automatically. Nevertheless, here are three ways to eventually relax your mind and grasp some sleep.

Three Ways for quick sound sleep - Global Fashion Street

Anulom-Vilom– Almost everyone knows the basic breathing exercise of breathing in from your left nose while the right nostril is closed and breathing out from the right nostril and vice a versa.

Now, the catch is, this time you have to do it while lying down without a pillow to make sure your spine is straight. And pull in the breath from left nostril quick and deep, feel it reaching the inside top of your head or what you feel as mind. Breathe out from right and breathe in again from right while the left nostril is closed. No gaps or holding the breath. You have to do it fast. One cycle gets completed after you have breathed out from left nostril. You have to do at least twelve and then put your hands on the sides and completely relax.

It’s a powerful way to help keep your mind off thoughts, charge up blood circulation and relax. Eventually when you relax, you would not even realize when you took to sleep.

Three Ways for quick sound sleep- _ Global Fashion Street

Long breaths– Lie down on your back without a pillow and breathe in; hold your breath for as long as you can and breathe out as slowly as possible. Once you have exhaled completely hold for a count of one before breathing again.

Make sure to complete at least fifteen cycles and before you realize, you would be asleep.

Silent Om chanting– Inhale slowly and while making a round mouth, as round as you can make, exhale air out of your system, in way that your are blowing air out of your lungs. You should be able to hear the slight whispering sound of air coming out. While exhaling you have to think that you are saying ‘o’ of aum and once the breathing out is complete, hum the ‘mmm’ of aum in your head before starting again.

Twenty cycles and the moment you start yawning, turn half on your stomach and pull a pillow under your knees, your left arm on the side below and right folded towards the head, just like a baby. This is the famous yoga pose for sleep and relaxation.

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