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Warehouse cafe review - Global Fashion Street

Every Friday, everyone is busy making plans and the biggest question is Where to go?

In Gurgaon, one has many options to enjoy the hard earned weekend stress buster evening with friends. I had a chance to check out the Warehouse Cafe, located in Sector 29, the food and party hub of Gurgaon.

Warehouse Cafe opened its door to guests in Nov’15 and now has started serving freshly brewed German beer. The new microbrewery and the only German one in town was the main reason to step-in, taste the beer, grab some grub and share what I felt.

The Warehouse Cafe

The cafe located on the same road as Vapor Bar exchange and Bikanerwala, is spread over 2 floors with a seating capacity of approximately 200 people in the basement and the ground floor. The microbrewery takes half of the ground floor and the other half is the bar and the seating space with a little balcony that is mostly occupied by the smokers. And for non-nicotine smokers they have a Vaporizer in different flavors. I tried the virgin mojito flavor and quite liked (PS: I am a smoker but still enjoyed). You must try this one.

Warehouse cafe review - Global Fashion Street

Tonic water top

It is a casual dining pub that offers multi-cuisine dishes to the guests at pocket friendly prices. If you are a person who likes to chat, ground floor is the place to be; if you enjoy loud music, a little dance time while you sip your drinks, head straight to the basement. You may also witness live events like Indeep Bakshi singing for you or a sufi singer, depending on the day you go.

The Beer tasting at Warehouse cafe

Warehouse cafe review - Global Fashion Street

The cafe brews 4 flavors in-house:

· Wheat Beer tastes good, feels light and was low on the acidic content. I was informed the alcohol content is low however i felt the buzz after my first mug. I suggest taking it slow.

· Thor – I just tasted this one. It was a little acidic and was definitely a strong one with a weird after taste.

· Batman – I was told this beer is more popular with the ladies and indeed it tasted somewhat towards the sour side.

· Pilsner – It was a tangy light colored beer that felt light. Fluffy is what i can best describe it as.

The food at Warehouse cafe

The chef has spelled out an elaborate menu for the place and the management has creatively put together a Superhero themed menu. I guess superhero cult is just everywhere. You can also see a big superman logo on your way to the basement made of bicycle sprockets. I ordered quite a bit food but had asked the chef to keep the portion sizes small so that the food isn’t wasted. Who like to waste anyways!

Warehouse cafe review - Global Fashion Street

Non-veg platter had:

o Fish tikka that was soft, tender and full of flavor. It was served with mint chutney.

o Malai tikka that had a good smokey (charcoal) flavor to it

o Chicken tikka that was just regular chicken tikka

o Seekh kabab that was spicy and good to taste

Vegetarian Platter had Mushrooms, gobi (Cauliflower), Paneer (Cottage Cheese), and Hara Seekh kebabs. Each one of them had a achari (pickle) flavor yet a different and smokey one. These also came with the Hari chutney (mint sauce) and one could taste the the mint in it.

Fish Fingers weren’t great. They lacked crispiness and were just regular. The good thing was the accompanying beer infused tartar sauce. You may want to order the sauce with whichever dish you order.

Warehouse cafe review - Global Fashion Street

Fish fingers

Buttermilk and tonic water infused crumb chicken – this was the highlight dish of the food that I ordered. It was served in a saucer glass with the sauce at the base, soft chicken crumbs dipped in the sauce, and fresh salad at the side. The dish was full of flavors and everyone must try it. This was an innovative yet tasty dish that i have tried in recent time.

The service at Warehouse cafe

This is the part that generally makes me a regular to a place. While I was out tasting the Vaporizer, the manager decided to move me to another table without asking or requesting me even once, not a very pleasant gesture.

The Verdict – To go or not to go

Overall the food is good, cafe quality with few innovations. The only microbrewery in town, that serves German beer in a cozy ambiance with decent service. One should go and experience it at least once.

You may want to reach early whenever you do as parking is a huge problem in the area and do let me know about your experience.

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