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To start with let’s look at the way we define Regret to live regret free live now.

It is an emotion we experience when we think that our present situation could be better or happier if we had done something different in the past.– Kathryn Schulz

Most of us carry certain regrets in life. The good part about regret is that whoever carries it has the want to improve the present! That’s a nice idea to start with. The not so realistic part is that we would want to fix the past to improve the present.


I wish we all had a time machine to go back in time to alter the situations. This would also give us an opportunity to see if we had done, what we now think we should have done, would it really have the impact that we envisage!!

Let’s look at a few day to day regrets- I wish I had studied for the exam, I wish I had picked up the dress I liked, I wish I hadn’t got the tattoo done, I wish I hadn’t married this person, I wish I had not got angry at my kid, I wish I had made a different decision, I wish and I wish and I wish…


The closer we are to the destination, the higher the degree of regret, which means that, if we missed a train by 2 minutes, the regret would be higher than if we missed it by 30 minutes.

Is it okay to regret about things that did not turn out the way we want to; what if the train would have derailed on the way? What if it met with an incident? What if? What if?

Also, are you a 100% sure that even if you had taken those decisions, you would be at a happier state now?

Live regret free live now - Global Fashion Street

If there is a slightest possibility, then just let it be. Every event in life comes to us for learning. When we regret, we nurture the possibility that we now look at the same situation differently and that’s brilliant– take the learning and quickly move on.

The moment we stay in the past/or keep referring to it –it holds us back.

Let’s all learn to be in the ‘NOW’- the present moment, have faith in the present! It’s beautiful!

Whenever our thoughts wander in the past, or in the future- pause and accept the present.

Live regret free live now - Global Fashion Street

Free yourself from everything you may have done and look forward and prepare for a wonderful NOW.

Make a list of things you would want to do, take a risk, take an adventurous trip, play with your kids, enjoy being with yourself, sit and watch a movie together with family, call a friend you’ve lost touch with, tell your parents you love them, forgive yourself, laugh, love, surprise yourself and surprise others. Let the kid in you always be alive.

Learn from your little one, a perfect example of living for the now, not worrying about the past or the future!


On our death bed, it is the things we may have not done, that have a higher degree of regret than the things that we did do.

And as they say, there is never a wrong time to start the right thing. Start Living in the ‘NOW’ now!

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