The Fact about Staying Happy From Within

If it is a choice that we make, it better be a wise one

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Happiness…. it is something the entire world craves for. Some believe they have it, some believe they don’t. It is the hope for happiness on which the world exists. Happiness means different things to different people. Some wish for material belongings while others wish for love.

The Fact about Staying Happy From Within - Global Fashion Street

Picture: Global Fashion Street / Team GFS / Sept. 2016

The interpretation of happiness is varied. It is said that happiness is within our own self and we do not need to look for it outside…Is it really true?? A person can be happy even if he is alone or does not possess any material belongings. Inner happiness is true happiness

A man is a social animal and we are not alone in this world. We need to co-exist with others. We live in a society and belong to a family. We do need friends and well wishers around us. So, does the state of being happy even if one is alone stand true?

The Fact about Staying Happy From Within - Global Fashion Street

Well there is a difference…we need people around us to exist but we need to be happy from inside. Internal happiness is the key. If we are happy in spite of life and its hurdles then that is true happiness. If our happiness does not depend on others and we are not affected by their behaviour, it then that we are truly happy.

But the fact is that we are dependent on others right from the time we are born. We are made such. We are biologically programmed to depend on others for our happiness. It is human nature. True happiness comes from being content in life. It involves a lot of hard work.

The Fact about Staying Happy From Within - Global Fashion Street

There are people around us all the time. We cannot survive without others. We are in relationships all the time. But we should not depend on them for our own happiness. We should create our own happiness. Yes, it is easier said than done.

We are so used to depending on others that we forget about our own self. We work towards making others happy. That too is important, no doubt but somewhere down the line we forget about our own priorities. That’s where we go wrong.

First and foremost loving ourselves is important. If we love ourselves we love others better. If we love others better then we get back all the love. Happiness starts within us. Happy people make a happy world. So, all you people out there, if you truly want to be happy, start by loving yourself and giving priority to your health, hunger, sleep and rest. Stay fit to stay happy.

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Deepali Mehndiratta has a Bachelors degree in English from Delhi University. She is an avid reader and writes poetry. She loves to travel and has been to various countries around the world. She has an inclination towards spirituality and mysticism .Professionally, she has a prior experience in Talent Acquisition but is a homemaker at the moment. She lives in Gurgaon with her husband and son.

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2 thoughts on “The Fact about Staying Happy From Within”

  1. Very nice article, Deepali. You seem to be discovering your latent talents. Please write more often and share your beautiful thoughts. Here’s wishing you good luck and “happiness”. One more thought on happiness, “The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves – say rather, loved in spite of ourselves; this conviction the blind have”… Victor Hugo.

  2. Good start, Deepali, well written…
    In line with your thoughts, Happiness is our Source state of being; it is our primary duty to maintain this natural state of being and spread love n happiness from within…
    keep sharing…

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